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Bloody foreigners

They come over here, marry our women, take our jobs and exploit our libel laws. [Note – New category; ‘UK Libel Law’. There’s more to come on this issue, as was promised here.]

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SOCPA: yesterday’s debate in the House of Lords

House of Lords debates – Tuesday, 5 February 2008 – Parliament Square: Demonstrations Lord West of Spithead clearly has an open mind about Haw’s display [rolls eyes] and regards himself to be a peacemaker because he once stopped his driver … Continue reading

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Playing the man

Remember when some of us were trying to ensure that Iraq was addressed as an issue during the 2005 General Election and Tony Blair responded to those efforts by (a) timing his response to suggest that it was a purely … Continue reading

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Greer’s finally graced us with his presence

Right here.

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Has Iain Dale been caught stealing from the BBC?

You can see Iain Dale bitching about the BBC and the dreadful waste of licence-payer’s money in one sense or another here, here and here. Meanwhile, if you look at the code for Iain’s dandy new site design, you will … Continue reading

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Shane Greer: see you next Super Tuesday

Still no response from Shane Greer, who seems perfectly happy to declare that I’m “obviously unbalanced” and group me with a convicted stalker, and ignore any response to it while he pisses off to Washington, apparently in the company of … Continue reading

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How to email Gordon Brown

———————- | SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – JANUARY 2009 |———————- Gordon Brown’s Downing Street team is no longer accepting email for the Prime Minister. This service has been down since August 2008, and some of us have been left wondering out just … Continue reading

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Iain Dale’s inner childishness revealed

Well worth a look is John Hirst’s first foray into dedicated satire: Iain’s Daily Diary John totally nails Iain Dale on his outright hypocrisy right here. Enjoy. (Oh, and make sure that you applaud, otherwise John might next come after … Continue reading

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FAUX News strikes again

A perfect example of their bullshit propaganda. In totally unrelated news, Karl Rove has now joined Murdoch’s FOX News Channel as an election coverage contributor.

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Many comments now live over at Greer’s

Lots of freshly published material to read here, but still no response from Shane Greer (who gives his reason for a delay in publishing comments here). Mind you, Shane has published a comment from our old friend Praguetory declaring me … Continue reading

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