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#Dorries: The MP Who Cried Wolf (The Letter, Part One)

“Do not spread false rumours, and do not help a guilty person by giving false testimony.” – Exodus 23:1 For several years now, Nadine Dorries has been using invented and distorted accounts of her circumstances both publicly and privately to … Continue reading

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Robin Hood Airport burns tonight

Tonight, I am burning Robin Hood Airport in effigy. There’s no need to call the police for reasons that should be obvious. The end. I applied a #TwitterJokeTrial hashtag mainly for the benefit of the many people down my way … Continue reading

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Ricky Gervais: Mong 2.0

Let’s take Ricky Gervais at his word and assume he is being sincere when he says he is merely reclaiming the word ‘mong': Because it is not a slur against any handicapped group, or a reference to any handicapped person … Continue reading

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Daily Mail and the Foxy Knock-Offski

Did anyone else notice anything funny about this picture of Adam Werritty’s business card, as featured in the Daily Mail? No? Just me then. Was anyone else so blinded by irrational hatred for tabloid newspapers that they recognised it as … Continue reading

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Open letter to journalist Nick Pisa

Morning, folks. I have decided to email Nick Pisa about his conduct last night, when through the Daily Mail he reported how a series of people reacted to an event that never happened. from Tim Ireland to nickpisa[AT] date Tue, … Continue reading

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Hey, I LOVE women. Sliced thinly, on toast.

For those who are new here and/or otherwise left wondering what the hell is going on… This latest outburst from Nadine Dorries is a textbook attempt by this MP to spoil a major revelation/disclosure that she knows is coming. I … Continue reading

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Media Watch Meet-up

A small group of liberal elitists behind The Sun: Tabloid Lies, Mail Watch, Express Watch and other personal attacks on common sense and decency will be meeting for a London-centric Chardonnay-quaffing* session at The Monarch in Camden at 2:30pm on … Continue reading

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#NotW Hackgate EXCLUSIVE: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston

Short version: Holy cow! It looks like News of the World ‘hacked’ the phone(s) of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and/or Jennifer Aniston!

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News of the World: a wake-up call for certain Conservatives

Some people in politics can be really funny about evidence… Westminster/media groupies especially so. It is not unknown for some ‘commentators’ to be so far into the role of propagandist that they will accuse personal/political enemies of criminality on nothing … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: News of the World and the ‘hacking’ of Danielle Jones

Yesterday, the Telegraph published a database of News of the World articles relating to phone/text messages, including the Dowler article I blogged about yesterday morning. Like me, they’ve been doing some research at the British Newspaper Library in Colindale, and … Continue reading

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