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EXCLUSIVE: Iain Dale’s new design revealed!

Here’s a hint for all developers of weblogs; turn off your pings during the dev process if you don’t want to start turning up in Technorati: (Actually, checking Technorati for responses to the dev address itself, I notice that this … Continue reading

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The SOCPA consultation

A useful page for anyone who wishes to respond to the Government’s consultation document on Sections 132 to 138 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (which bans unauthorised protest in the vicinity of Parliament). The deadline for … Continue reading

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Imagine a red light blinking

Uzbekistan’s non-election (via) almost tempted me out into the open… almost. I’m enjoying my little recharge, and – after a day of catching up on email – I’m going straight back into my cave for a post-hibernation lie-in. Cheers all. … Continue reading

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Terminated… with extreme prejudice

BBC – Benazir Bhutto killed in attack: The attack occurred close to an entrance gate of the park in Rawalpindi where Ms Bhutto had been speaking. Police confirmed reports Ms Bhutto had been shot in the neck and chest before … Continue reading

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Tony Blair to ‘do God’ in a new (and totally unexpected) manner

Guardian – After 30 years as a closet Catholic, Blair finally puts faith before politics Justin McKeating – BREAKING NEWS: Blair anointed Left Footer: It’s official: Tony Blair has converted to Catholicism in time for Christmas… Apparently Blair, when giving … Continue reading

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Decrease the surplus population!

I’m sorry, but contrary to what many right-wing tosspots are fond of claiming at this time of year, there is no massive conspiracy against Christmas… only a small and rather dedicated one. :o) Many thanks to Garry, Justin, Gareth, Davide, … Continue reading

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Make an elf of yourself (and tell Santa where to get off)

Lots of viral mechanisms crop up at this time of year (in fact, it was the promotion of Crackermatic that kicked things off at Bloggerheads back in the day). Most of them are rubbish, but I did laugh at Elf … Continue reading

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Dean Godson: would you like to know more?

BSSC – Dean Godson: “Research Director” Just a little bit of light reading for folks who would like to know more about this extraordinary man.

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Anti-Christmas carols: we have a verdict from the police

Section 132 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 makes it illegal to demonstrate anywhere near Parliament without official police permission. Under this act, it is an offence to organise or take part in a demonstration within the … Continue reading

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Policy Exchange drops the ball and plays the man

Hey-ho. I’m currently shaking off my share of the winter vomiting virus and waiting for the police to make up their minds (according to Royal Mail, my form arrived yesterday). Meanwhile, a great story about Policy Exchange is developing, with … Continue reading

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