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A long list of land grabs

What are the odds, do you think, of this Blogger profile being the work of someone in the PR industry?

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Festive fun with Fasthosts

The Register – Fasthosts customers blindsided by emergency password reset: Fasthosts has announced that “a number” of its customers’* FTP spaces were raided as a result of the major hack that triggered a police investigation last month. It has applied … Continue reading

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Vote for Mr Splashy Pants

Why? Because Greenpeace has a whale-naming competition and ‘Muhammad’ isn’t an option. UPDATE – Hahahahaha! Having just voted, I can now see that ‘Mr Splashy Pants’ in waaaaay out in front with 73% of the vote.

Posted in Teh Interwebs | 1 Comment finally attempts to address the identity problem has now taken action to remove the dirty great loophole in their system that allowed comment contributors on many weblogs to pose as other bloggers – including other users of their own damn system: Blogger in Draft – New … Continue reading

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“It is Home Office policy to remove political dissidents to Uzbekistan”

Craig reports that Jahongir Sidikov’s deportation has been postponed so his case can be reviewed, but stresses quite rightly that it is the Home Office policy that needs to be reviewed. Meanwhile, as the government continues in its mission to … Continue reading

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Iraqi employees: trigger action

Dan Hardie – Letting them die: I’ve had emails from three people who claim to be – and who almost certainly are- Iraqi former employees of the British Government. All three say that they and their former colleagues are still … Continue reading

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Polling day in Australia

Independent – Howard rocked by smear scandal as defeat looms: John Howard, Australia’s Prime Minister, was fighting for his political life yesterday as details emerged of an attempt by senior members of his Liberal Party to smear the opposition Labour … Continue reading

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Jahongir Sidikov: who cares?

Craig Murray – A Low Point: Jahongir Sidikov is still in detention at Heathrow, having offered passive resistance to the attempt to deport him today. Next time they will use staff authorised and equipped to use force. I am deeply … Continue reading

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Ellee is officially an ‘expert’

Ellee Seymour – My PR Diploma: I heard today that I passed my third paper for my CIPR Diploma in Public Relations. I distinguished myself with a Merit on my personal project which focused on MPs who write blogs, and … Continue reading

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Unity’s new home

Just a quick heads-up for those who don’t already know: Until further notice, Unity’s blog will be located at

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