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Shock and awesome

I am shocked that this is possible. It is awesome. – President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address by David Bergman Check out the four guys on the far-right of the roof of the white building in the background. Seriously. (via … Continue reading

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Obama is freeing all of his terrorist buddies

CNN – Guantanamo judge suspends 9/11 case prosecutions: The presiding judge in the 9/11 terrorism case at the Guantanamo detention facility granted a delay in the case on Wednesday, according to a military official close to the proceedings. The continuance … Continue reading

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And here’s another tune by John Williams

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Out with Teh Bush, in with Teh Obama

Today (thanks to some great work done by Sim-O), most of the action will be over at The Sun: Tabloid Lies as we finally delve into The Echo Chamber… (dramatic sting) (evil laugh) However, I do have a special treat … Continue reading

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New category

That is all.

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