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Nadine Dorries and the right to know (Happy birthday, information request!)

Some of you may have noticed Nadine Dorries finally following the ’20 Weeks’ campaign with her difficult second album, Right to Know (more). Just to be clear, what we are looking at here is series of cheap American pop covers … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries and the mission from God

The following is an interview/article featuring Nadine Dorries from a 2007 edition of the Salvation Army’s War Cry. Putting aside these deeply religious contentions, which are striking in themselves… “I try to live my faith. Some days I fail quite … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries: Psalm 139, abortion, hatred and evil

Recently, Nadine Dorries took part in an interview with Ed West which was published in the Catholic Herald. A modest individual who has appropriated the identity of the historical figure Archbishop Cranmer complains here that this interview does not gain … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries is unfit to Chair the Health Select Committee

MPs will vote in a secret ballot today on a series of committee positions. During this process, they will decide between the following Conservative MPs for Chair of the Health Select Committee; Sir Paul Beresford, Mr Peter Bone, Mr Stephen … Continue reading

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David Cameron + Nadine Dorries – abortion and contortion

(Psst! I hope to raise these matters and others in The Dorries edition of The People’s Pamphlet. Come join us.) – It’s election time, and disappointingly, David Cameron has shot out of the gates seeking to rally his right-wing Christian … Continue reading

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Taste my Jesus

Neither have you tasted my jesus (via) Happy Sunday Boot Sale Day, everybody.

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Eclectic link dump #25

Mr Jenvey is busy elsewhere early today, but he has promised to share a statement with us later. I’m happy waiting for that, but here are a few extras for those of you who have looked through the old magazines … Continue reading

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Little Shannon Matthews is pure, concentrated evil

I don’t think the good people at the Mirror really thought this one through: Please see Septicisle for some thoughtful words on this topic. – – Also worth reading is Jean-Charles de Menezes summed up (via) – While I remain … Continue reading

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Saving Africa’s Witch Children

Is anyone else watching Saving Africa’s Witch Children? What little we saw of Uma Eke had me in tears. How can people do this to each other? How can people profit from this, knowing the misery they cause?

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Nadine Dorries seeks iron-clad ‘humanzee’ guarantee

Do take the time to read this excellent post by Unity… Unity – The Prevention of Unicorns Act … but not before gazing in wonder at this passage that is on the record in Hansard: Nadine Dorries (Mid Bedfordshire, Conservative) … Continue reading

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