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Images, goodies and updates

Hi gang! It looks like Google Images has dipped in for a second helping over at the B3ta boards (click here for background) so it’ll probably be a few weeks yet before we see any relevant results for ‘julie moult’ … Continue reading

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Nobody could have predicted…

Independent – Bush launches $700bn rescue plan and confesses he didn’t realise how severe problems were Justin sees another parallel here. Applaud* the artist here. (*Save something for Tinkerbell.) (Oh, and for Dog’s sake, stop playing with your pocket change.) … Continue reading

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This. (and another thing….)

Never Trust a Hippy – A declaration – draft 1: I thought it would be asking you – my readers – to help me compose a certificate that could be sent out to every Thatcherite and right-wing libertarian that you … Continue reading

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The Omni chair: a review

Andrew of SumoLounge was kind enough to send me one of his products, the Omni chair, and I’m happy to oblige with a review. Now, I should make it clear from the outset that bean-bags aren’t for everyone, and they … Continue reading

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The Wrong Door: awesome

I wish I’d mentioned this sooner so more of you could’ve experienced the half-hour I just enjoyed: The Wrong Door on BBC3 is like hanging around the, but on telly. I chuckled and gasped and guffawed all the way … Continue reading

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Some crazy times ahead

A new post from Justin. I invite you to admire it. My brand new Prize Shelf. Ditto.

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The difference between ‘special’ and ‘retarded’

This is not a special offer. It is retarded. /ithangyew Let’s face it folks; the recession’s here.

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Man plugs news of leaks… film at eleven

Justin is now blogging about Nuclear Power for Greenpeace. You might want to take a wee step back and seek some cover. (Over the horizon and into a lead-lined fridge should do it.)

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Red hot knitwear catalogue action

Another pleasant surprise for your eyes, courtesy of one of London’s leading tart carders. I didn’t have a camera on me when I spotted this one, and so had to pocket it for later reference. My apologies if the fold … Continue reading

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A tart card seen in London yesterday

This just in… Belinda Carlisle is a pre-op transsexual. Apparently. Hey, there’s an easy win for Boris… cleaning up the tart cards! Just imagine the defiant last-ditch party that would provoke. :o)

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