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Circle Line and Tube parties today/tonight

This became an irretrievably stupid idea from the moment the newspapers started to cash in on it. (Both London freesheets had it on their front page yesterday, and it’s in several nationals today.) My advice to you if you’re planning … Continue reading

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So has Steve Grover been sacked yet or not?

Amy Williams – Burger King fires two for filings about farmworkers: Burger King has fired two employees who made online postings that “did not reflect the company’s views and which were in violation of company policy,” the fast-food restaurant chain … Continue reading

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Watch out for the pickle

Remember Steve Grover, the Burger King of sock-puppets? The matter is finally news in the UK. If they start denying stuff, I have lots saved to disk… so I wish Burger King well with their whitewash. [Psst! BK peeps! Why … Continue reading

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Steve Grover: the Burger King of sock-puppets!

[NOTE: a lot of this will seem familiar to most regulars… but I’ll only be mentioning one obvious name that came up recently anyways.] The CIW (Coalition of Immokalee Workers) recently found a spy in their midst. They have also … Continue reading

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OGC offers fresh logo chuckles

The Register – UK Office of Government Commerce cracks one off: Quite remarkably, our informant suggested that, having spent the cash, OGC intends to roll out the logo anyway. Well, we contacted the OGC for comment, and a spokesman gamely … Continue reading

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Who’s got Phorm?

The Register – How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection: Internal BT documents obtained by The Register for the first time provide solid technical information on how data from millions of BT, Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse customers will … Continue reading

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36 quid? A bargain!

Read this, please. Sign here, please.

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Keep on the sunny side

Sydney Morning Herald – Ads to woo British more sledge than sweet talk: Australia is to launch an aggressive campaign aimed at attracting a new generation of British immigrants. The ads for the South Australian Government include slogans such as … Continue reading

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Bad news for the sock-puppeteers

Via Toby… The Register – EU cracks down on fake blogger astroturfing: Nothing beats word of mouth for getting people to put their hand in their pockets. So it didn’t take long for cheeky marketing departments to cotton on to … Continue reading

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A magic item

Pretty much since cheap plastic was invented, there have been cheap plastic dress-up and accessory kits for kids that allow them to roam the neighbourhood as a nurse, a cowboy, a police officer, etc. My, how things have changed. Now, … Continue reading

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