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Elin Krantz: murder and ‘slut shaming’ as propaganda against minorities, Sweden & the EU

Some readers may be here because they have been asked to read and share this important information and help drive it to the top search results for the name ‘Elin Krantz’. Hello and welcome, do use this link to help … Continue reading

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Cam Harris, the Fake News king of Maryland

If you’ve ever watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, you may have wondered how Ferris financed his adventure (including fuel, tips, tickets to the baseball game and a very expensive lunch at a posh restaurant). Well, the original script and cut … Continue reading

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You’re my hero, Anthony Gilberthorpe

My name is John Chefetz. Or maybe Jay Chafetz. Or maybe neither of those things. Names aren’t important these days, even when you’re making allegations of statewide election fraud, so I fail to see why they should matter here. Seriously, … Continue reading

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Cameron Harris publishes falsified evidence of alleged electoral fraud plot

MAJOR UPDATE (18 Jan 2017) – I have changed the headline to include the name of the person who invented this lie and then lied to me about it being an error by a staffer. Cameron Harris was today unmasked … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and some concrete parrots

About once a month I tweet something of interest to more than a few dozen people, and this month that tweet is about a picture of Donald Trump and his daughter. For context, this is one of a series of … Continue reading

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