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Lotsa links for lunchtime

The character is fiction, but the horror is real; Sick Days – D-Notice on The Sun v the Criminal Justice System. – Paulie has a different opinion to mine on MPs and their expenses. I readily accept that my opinion … Continue reading

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And here’s another tune by John Williams

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Two videos for you from The Daily Show (on the last 8 days) and Olbermann (on the last 8 years). Plus, a Wikipedia page to watch: List of people pardoned by George W. Bush (it currently reads “In contrast to … Continue reading

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It’s time for you to go…

‘Goodbye George’ music videos have been appearing since late last year, and here’s one of them (the video borrows left, right and centre, but I do like the song): UPDATE – are running a video competition, but if that’s … Continue reading

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Push has finally come to shove

As much I’d love to bring you an opaque post full of tedious detail, this is all you get today; Mr Popularity strikes again… YouTube – Who wants to stand next to the President for a picture?

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Awwww… poor George

I meant to blog this on Friday, but that silly Mr Gilligan got in the way. Here’s a clear indication (if you need it) of Bush’s legacy. Do any of these world leaders see any need to play nice now … Continue reading

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Wassup 2008 (via) I may be up for a little recycling myself, soon… we’ll see.

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Justin has featured the trailer for Oliver Stone’s biopic, and over at Pickled Politics, noises are being made about the fine choice of soundtrack… … but me, I’m reminded of this for some strange reason:

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Nobody could have predicted…

Independent – Bush launches $700bn rescue plan and confesses he didn’t realise how severe problems were Justin sees another parallel here. Applaud* the artist here. (*Save something for Tinkerbell.) (Oh, and for Dog’s sake, stop playing with your pocket change.) … Continue reading

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The bolder the lie, the bigger the laugh

Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan tell us in a candid moment that the U.S. presidential race is over. In their view, because of Palin. Video and transcript here. But in her most recent column, Noonan says pretty much the exact … Continue reading

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