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Three minutes of silence for tsunami victims

OK, so let me just make this clear… Victims of World War I and other wars (some lovely statistics available here) get one or two minutes. Every year. Victims of the September 11th atrocities got two minutes, but only for … Continue reading

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The Asian Tsunami

When something global happens, turn to Blogdex. Today it’s full of useful quake/tsunami references, the bulk of which are presented here alongside a few extras I found along the way: Someone has already set up a blog at with … Continue reading

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A Merry Christmas from Bloggerheads

I thought long and hard about what I was going to post for Christmas (well, 20 minutes at least). It just didn’t seem right to switch my brain off, point to a few happy/ironic links and be done with it. … Continue reading

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It’s hard to imagine a greater nightmare…

Woman charged with killing an expectant mother and cutting 8-month-old baby from victim’s womb Woman in court over baby cut from womb Is this the kind of thing that happens when there is no governing moral standard? Where does this … Continue reading

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