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What have Martin Townsend and Paula Murray got to say for themselves?

Adam Bienkov has kindly published a scan of the Sunday Express feature, and I strongly urge you to at least take a look at this thumbnail if you don’t have the time to fully appreciate the readable PDFs hosted by … Continue reading

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An enormous penis

Guardian – Padding the truth: But the truth is that circulation – at least in the short term – has little to do with a newspaper’s quality or the editor’s skills. Marketing campaigns, price cuts (or rises), free offers and … Continue reading

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Paula Murray: certified depth

Everyone from 4chan to Fark knows that it takes a special kind of person to enjoy the challenge of being the very first to comment, especially if one has nothing to say (other than “First!”, obviously). If there were a … Continue reading

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Daily Mail Watch now live – fab prize up for grabs

The new and renewed Daily Mail Watch is now live. Check out my personal intro post and those of the other editors for full details beyond this short mission statement from my intro: The purpose of the site is simple; … Continue reading

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Glen Jenvey is experiencing some difficulty

I’ve been very patient with our Mr Jenvey. I have gone to great lengths to better appreciate and even adopt his position on (i.e. that they are in league with terrorists), but Mr Jenvey still persists with a Carnival … Continue reading

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Morning, all!

Two pretty things to kick us off: 1. I made an art. 2. While I’ve got you nicely freaked out, here’s a little sample of what manufactured pop used to sound like. And now, to business: I shared a direct … Continue reading

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Somebody’s really got it in for Glen Jenvey

Note – Any use of the audio featured in this post (or text from same) must include a link to – ideally, a link to this post and/or any relevant update – or (for non-web use only) a clear … Continue reading

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Gail Trimble will submit to my mighty rage

You may see a smug grimace after each correct answer, but I see a person who is peripherally aware of herself appearing in close-up on studio monitors after each correct answer and – consciously or unconsciously – trying to hide … Continue reading

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Young boy younger than young girl who gives birth to even younger baby shock

The good people at The Sun never tire of warning us how child benefits ‘encourage’ teenage pregnancy. In fact, any government initiative involving any kind of money or gain – no matter how pathetic it may be – immediately amounts … Continue reading

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The Royal Academy of Media Watchery

I’ve noticed on my travels that it’s often the biggest frauds who put the most official sounding names on things. Like John Beyer, that clown who’s claimed the name ‘Media Watch’ and secured it exclusively for the narrowest of agendas, … Continue reading

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