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Little Shannon Matthews is pure, concentrated evil

I don’t think the good people at the Mirror really thought this one through: Please see Septicisle for some thoughtful words on this topic. – – Also worth reading is Jean-Charles de Menezes summed up (via) – While I remain … Continue reading

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Andrew Gilligan: Ailing Standards

After giving Andrew Gilligan puh-lenty of chances to either deny or defend the use of multiple false identities to praise/defend his own articles and/or undermine critics of Boris Johnson, I finally ran out of patience with the bloke and took … Continue reading

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Some anonymous Wikipedia edits by employees of Associated Newspapers Ltd

This afternoon, I used the almighty Wiki Scanner to have a quick browse through some old anonymous edits made from an Associated Newspapers IP address. (Primarily by the looks of things, and you can browse from the most recent … Continue reading

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But he’s got you, dear boy…

Boris Watch has spotted it, and it slipped under the Guardian’s radar at the time, but I’d like to highlight this for regulars at Bloggerheads as a warm-up of sorts. This is a comment left on the Guardian’s website using … Continue reading

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Iain Dale has introduced compulsory comment registration on his weblog. It’s on a trial basis, he’s pledged to give it more of a chance than he did last time, he clearly recognises the way in which the all-comers system was … Continue reading

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All (suitable) hands on deck, please

1. Do you already have a CiF/Guardian account*? 2. Do you think the use of sock-puppetry is pathetic, dishonest and/or damaging? Then please, if you have a moment, read this article and then check in under comments to let Andrew … Continue reading

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Gilligan begin again

Those keeping up with the Andrew Gilligan sock-puppet saga will want to keep tabs on the discussion thread under this article.

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BNP data grab bag

1. In-spired. Take a bow, Chris. – 2. And to expand on the point raised in that picture, here’s Justin: The crowning jewel of the story is that the BNP, who only this month called the Human Rights Act ‘surely … Continue reading

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The many puppets (or ‘partners’) of Andrew Gilligan

The Tory Troll brings us more on Andrew Gilligan the spontaneous outbreaks of text commonality that occur around him. Here’s the question that Andrew Gilligan refuses to answer: Do you deny leaving comments underneath your own articles and articles about … Continue reading

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Baby P: angry mobs and tabloid scum

1. Independent – Facebook vigilantes identify mother of Baby P: The identity of the 27-year-old mother of Baby P was last night being circulated on the internet with the names of her boyfriend and the third man convicted of causing … Continue reading

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