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Cute Font launches

It’s funny what life throws at you sometimes. For years I’ve been putting little notes to one side that describe ideas and projects I doubt I’ll have the time for. I showed one of these to Ms Humphrey Cushion a … Continue reading

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Out with Teh Bush, in with Teh Obama

Today (thanks to some great work done by Sim-O), most of the action will be over at The Sun: Tabloid Lies as we finally delve into The Echo Chamber… (dramatic sting) (evil laugh) However, I do have a special treat … Continue reading

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Happy Posters: Tower Hamlets, London E3

There is now a small but beautiful oasis of happiness in Tower Hamlets, London E3 (in a part of town that brings to mind almost every urban chase scene from The Professionals). You can take a closer look starting here.

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Go-go Hover-McCain!

Here’s a lovely background for Republican voters. Enjoy! In other news (aren’t you glad that you looked down here?), now there are two items that Iain Dale would like to avoid discussing on his website, and all of a sudden … Continue reading

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Moult-Watch: the first relevant Google Images results are in

For those who came in late: Bloggerheads – Julie Moult is an idiot Bloggerheads – The Daily Mail: let’s kick arse and take names 1. Finally! 2. It’s too early to start awarding prizes, as these fresh results are still … Continue reading

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Happy Posters: SOAS Student Union Common Room / Bar, London WC1H

Infiltration was relatively straightforward, and there’s no need to burden you with details. Upstairs and down; every speck of spare wall space is a noticeboard in the Student Union Common Room / Bar at the School of Oriental and African … Continue reading

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Happy Posters: Godalming GU17

The Happy Poster mission to Godalming on Saturday was just as revealing/rewarding as the 2004 mission, but rather than filing a full report I am instead going to suggest that you admire this single image of a sun-dappled noticeboard, because … Continue reading

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Blackwater GU17 is now <-- this much --> happier

Blackwater is a handy little place for a monthly shop; an Aldi lies right opposite a Lidl, and if you lose your head, there’s a giant M&S, Tesco and Sainsbury’s just across the way. But we mostly go there to … Continue reading

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Julie Moult is an idiot

[UPDATE (03 Sep) – Exciting new link! –> The Daily Mail: let’s kick arse and take names! The Daily Mail (actually, genuinely) responds at last!

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Ten greetings from beyond the grave

- 1. I stumbled through a few graveyards during my holiday break (a very long story) and happened across this final resting place. If you’re wondering what the solar panel is for, it’s powering the fairy lights. Seriously. – 2. … Continue reading

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