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Posted by Tim Ireland at 5 April 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Bong. Bong. Bong. Bong.

Pervez Khan

UPDATE – Bless all the little Wikipedia monkeys.

Posted by Tim Ireland at 5 April 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Guido published an image of the notorious ‘Fake Sheik’ last Thursday.

Recess Monkey also published the image, but has now removed it following a gagging order from News of the World.

There’s a very good question here: On what grounds have they persuaded a Judge to issue a Court Order preventing publication of this tosser’s picture?

I’m sure we’ll all find out soon enough… and I’m equally sure that if it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, then the name Denis Donaldson will be used in a suitably dramatic fashion.

I too wish to publish a photograph of this brave undercover reporter, but to avoid identifying him, I have featured him in a series of disguises; each more cunning than the last…


More from George Galloway (who initially released the images) here. The Respect website also reports that the restraining order expires in about an hour and a half.

Posted by Tim Ireland at 6 March 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

The Sun – Are you next JK Rowling? (March 2, 2006): Today is World Book Day – and to celebrate The Sun is launching a search for the new JK Rowling. We are looking for an undiscovered writing genius among our army of ten million readers. Could YOU have a previously untapped talent for telling a story? Your masterpiece can be up to 1,000 words and on any subject as long as it is your original work. Judges will be Sun columnists and best-selling authors Jane Moore and Jeremy Clarkson. They will pick winners in two categories – under-16 and 16 and over. The best stories will be published in The Sun and there are fabulous prizes for the winners… SEND your story to: Get Britain Reading, The Sun, 1 Virginia Street, London E98 1SN. Or you can email it to Remember to put ‘Get Britain Reading’ in the subject field. You must include your name, address, age and daytime phone number. Entries must be no longer than 1,000 words. Closing date is March 20, 2006.

How could one possibly resist?

Here is my 686-word entry. I look forward to seeing it in print…


by Tim Ireland

The cold of the bench in the barren cell penetrated her overcoat and the flimsy party dress beneath it, chilling and numbing her genitalia.

The irony was not lost on her; it was her inability to feel anything below the waist (or, indeed, allow herself to be penetrated) that led to this whole mess in the first place.

She shifted her weight to allow the cold to weave its way into her sexual innards and smiled with grim satisfaction.

This was the way of the world for her, and she would embrace it willingly. Her fate, not unlike the cold bench that was to be her mate for the evening, was set in stone.

She sat.

She chilled.

She planned her revenge.

A mere three hours ago, she had been coked up to the eyeballs in yet another foolish attempt to stimulate or simulate a warming emotion, and the result – as usual – had been an icy rage. Then, revenge was to have been a carving knife plunged deep into the chest of her significant other, but this was denied her.

Pah! ‘Significant other’…. she loathed the words and their politically-correct origins, but the English language provided no description beyond this and the even more unsuitable options of ‘husband’ or ‘partner’.

‘Other’ was totally suitable in itself, in that he could feel passion for others of his kind. Others unlike her.

But ‘significant’?

When her rage was at its height, he had cowered in a corner and called the police. The police!

Long ago she had come to accept that she was not like other human beings, but she had drawn strength from the knowledge that this was because she was born to be set apart as their leader, not an outcast.

To be bundled into a police car by a uniformed sheep with the ‘law’ on his side was therefore the ultimate indignity. It was insulting to think that she had no choice but to play along and allow the morning light to reveal the truth… that these so-called laws did not apply to her.

Once again, she felt the knife in her hand, heard it slice through the air and felt it carve through flesh and glance off bone as it buried itself to the hilt in his chest. Teasing the blade, she felt the satisfying resistance as it scraped against his ribs. She looked into his eyes as they bulged in disbelief, before twisting the blade hard and finally withdrawing it so she could revel in the gushing fountain of blood warming her face.

She smiled again, this time at her own weakness.

She stood for a moment, swept the tails of her overcoat to one side, and sat once again to better embrace the cold.

There were other ways to carve the heart from his chest. That which made him ‘other’ to her involved two significant weaknesses:

One; while she was forced to manufacture emotion, he was a slave to it.

Two; that which stirred his emotion sickened not just herself, but also many lesser human beings.

She could not simply cast a bright light upon it all; that would most likely compromise her secret as much as his. But she could take the time to coldly and cruelly torture him in the dark and he would be helpless against her.


Yes, that was the answer.

The men he lusted after were young; young, and therefore malleable. She would crawl beneath their skin, one by one, and turn their passion to other men. Significant men.

This time it would be he who returned home to find his inner sanctum violated.

This time it would be he who returned home to see passion flaunted before him… and feel passion denied him.

And she would engineer this time and time again until – finally – it would be he who reached for the carefully-placed knife.

Then he would learn the true difference between them.

The cell door opened as the morning brought freedom. For the first time in a long time, she felt a warm emotion wash over her. It was hope.

UPDATE (26 Feb 2007) – Finally, the results are announced!

Posted by Tim Ireland at 1 March 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

“Class A drug users should be forced into residential drug programmes and removed from society until they clean up their act. If they fall back into their old habits when they return to the general community then we should have a three strikes and you’re out rule, culminating in very long sentences.” – The Sun, Tuesday 28 February 2006

Posted by Tim Ireland at 27 February 2006

Category: Page 3 - News in Briefs, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

BBC – Drugs arrest for George Michael

1. Both the Sun and the Mirror have gone with the inspired headline; ‘Careless Spliffer’… clearly this has something to do with the phenomena of Simultaneous Discovery.

2. Tabloid editors never take drugs. Never ever ever. And if they did, they would almost certainly use them responsibly. They would not, for instance, go on a violent coked-up rampage in London.

3. Murdoch’s paper’s in particular do not have an axe to grind: His 2002 single Shoot The Dog – with a slur about the 9/11 atrocity – sickened many fans. It portrayed Tony Blair as George Bush’s yapping poodle and the two leading statesmen as gay lovers.

4. Disappointingly, today’s Page 3 girl doesn’t spare so much as a single ‘tut’ for George. Instead, Krystle (23, from Manchester) backs new school discipline measures and says: “It’s great parents are to be hauled in for detention. Discipline shouldn’t just be up to teachers.”

Or the police, for that matter. No, for true justice we must turn to the tabloids.

Posted by Tim Ireland at 24 February 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

David Yelland is an expert on tabloids, and he would like a job back in the tabloids… where he can once again swim as he pleases in that familiar and shallow puddle of yesteryear.

Oh, go on… pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

(Minions of Murdoch, please take note; this is your fate… if you’re lucky.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at 17 February 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

The Scum – Terrorvision (Editorial 17 Feb 2005): Who exactly is running the BBC – Osama Bin Laden? It looks worryingly like he is as Auntie considers pulling a 1-million-pound Spooks episode because it shows a terrorist being shot dead. The target is portrayed as an Osama henchman and the Beeb is worried about reprisals. But a terrorist is a terrorist. And right now, almost all terrorists are acting in the name of al-Qaeda. They are at war with us. If we are cowed into timorous self-censorship now, we are already losing the first battle.

(UPDATE – The story this editorial is based on is not based on facts. Now there’s a surprise.)

It should be noted for the record that the new Abu Ghraib photos did not even rate a mention in yesterday’s issue of the Sun or today’s. Why, it’s almost as if it never happened.

Sadly, like the photos themselves, this is ‘old news’…

Bloggerheads – Page 3 – Model Propaganda: The Sun has backed almost every Bush initiative and played down every embarrassment. For example, when the images of torture in Abu Ghraib were front page news, The Sun buried it on page 6, with less than a 1/4 page, 130 words and a teeny-tiny picture. The next day, leading with George W. Bush’s version of events, they used 229 words. And that was about it. (A week or so later, a Labrador puppy was thrown off an overpass and The Sun was there with a massive 3/4 page and 270 words.

Who exactly is running the Sun? Is it a puppy?

(See also the Sun’s timorous brave and high-minded self-censorship regarding The Muhammad Cartoons.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at 8 February 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Hamza: The Money ShotThe Scum – Hook and a hooker: Hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza cheated on his first wife with a HOOKER, The Sun can reveal. And it was the fall-out from his fling that transformed terrorist “recruiting sergeant” Hamza – jailed for seven years yesterday – into a religious fanatic… A former pal told how Abu Hamza had a fling with a hooker behind his first wife’s back – and said: “He certainly had an eye for the women.”

So it’s not enough that he’s been jailed for seven years for inciting murder and race hate… now he has to be a sex-beast, too?

Even better, now that Hamza has – quite rightly – been jailed for hateful preaching, the Scum are going all-out to show that this proves that everything they ever said about him and/or terror plots in the UK is true. From the plan to bomb Big Ben to the ricin plot to Hamza’s disgraceful use of taxpayer’s money to fund his menacing collection of hooks.

The Scum – Bin Laden’s British HQ: HATE-filled Abu Hamza turned the mosque where he held court into Osama Bin Laden’s British HQ, The Sun can reveal. The preacher – caged for seven years yesterday – was at the centre of a web of evil that stretched around the world. Killers linked to his stomping ground – the Finsbury Park Mosque in North London – have claimed more than 3,100 lives.

Make no mistake; religious extremists attending a meeting held by an extremist preacher proves once and for all that the well-organised and all-encompassing al- Qaeda network is real… REAL, I tell you!

The Scum – Justice… what took so long?: SEVEN YEARS for running a viper’s nest of terror linked to every major atrocity from 9/11 to our 7/7. SEVEN YEARS for defiling a holy mosque and turning it into a murderous al-Qaeda training camp. SEVEN YEARS for recruiting impressionable young Muslims, some of whom went on to kill or attempt murder. Evil Abu Hamza connived at mass slaughter. His sentence should be TWICE as long. Yet he will be eligible for parole in just over three years – with more than a year lopped off for his time on remand. This rabid peddler of hate could be free to vote at the next election. The most shocking fact is that Hamza would never be inside at all – but for Sun readers. For three long years, this newspaper has campaigned relentlessly for justice. There was plenty of horrific evidence. In 2003, police raided Finsbury Park mosque, a byword for peddling anti-Western bile. They found a terror manual, blank-firing pistols, CS spray, a stun gun, knives, gas masks, nuclear protective suits and forged passports and driving licences. Police also recorded tapes of his despicable sermons, preaching terrorism, homicidal violence and hatred. The damage, said the judge, was “simply incalculable”. “You used your authority to encourage your audiences to believe it gave rise to a duty to murder,” he said. Yet while Hamza was acting as a recruiting sergeant for Osama bin Laden, police treated him like a harmless pantomime clown. It took TWO more years and the fear of a Twin Towers-style outrage in London to tip police into action. Misguided policy – denounced by our incredulous allies – allowed suspects to stay free so they could be kept under supervision. This licence to roam was exploited by Hamza whose terrorist “sleepers” spread like spores on the wind. Experts fear the cast of potential suicide bombers in Britain has mushroomed. Hamza’s manic lawyer predictably rounded on the jury for turning Hamza into a “martyr” of Islam. To their credit, the Muslim Council of Britain wanted no truck with this rubbish. “Abu Hamza was allowed to bask in the limelight and seemed to relish using inflammatory language,” they said. “We respect the verdicts today.” Hamza now risks extradition to America on more serious charges. No one must stand in the way.

No-one, do you hear me? NO-ONE! For heaven’s sake, if we don’t allow the Americans to have their way with Hamza, the man could VOTE, people! VOTE!


Sadly, there is no Page 3 editorial to back this up. (Rebekah, I am very disappointed in you; you used to be far more shameless.)

There is no denying that Abu Hamza used religion to stir up hatred and fear… all I want to point out is how the Sun has been using Hamza to do exactly the same thing. The only difference is that their bombs are government-funded and laser-guided… and aimed at the wrong country.

If there were any justice, Rebekah Wade would have been jailed for incitement years ago.

Posted by Tim Ireland at 26 January 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

The Sun 'goes easy' on Simon HughesThe Scum – Hughes: I’ve had gay sex: Lib-dem leadership challenger Simon Hughes last night spoke frankly about his gay sex life – and said he had been WRONG to hide it. In an exclusive admission to The Sun, he apologised for twice denying he is homosexual. He told me at his Westminster office: “I am perfectly willing to say that I have had both homosexual and heterosexual relationships in the past. “I hope that does not disqualify me from doing a good job in public life and I propose to carry on doing that with the usual enthusiasm and determination.” The 54-year-old bachelor MP appealed for understanding and sympathy – and vowed to stay in the race for the Lib-Dem crown. As Mr Hughes opened his heart during the interview he also admitted phoning a gay chat service – Man Talk.

Where, I have little doubt, the scoop originated… next thing you know, Simon Hughes is receiving a call from Rebekah Wade:

“We’ve got the goods on you, Simon… give us the exclusive, and we’ll go easy on you.”

Pfft! Yes please. In fact, would you mind sending your chief rattlesnake?

Fast-forward to the next morning, and a front page about ‘Limp-Dems’ and pillow-biting. (Relaaaax… it’s OK… because some of Rebekah Wade’s best friends are homersexual.)

But what does Simon Hughes think he’s playing at here?

(Simon Hughes) also made it clear that he is NOT the only MP at Westminster who is secretly gay. The MP for Bermondsey in South London said: “It is not just me. There are lots of people who have tried to keep their private lives private. I wasn’t just doing it for me but for many others who are in the same boat.”

I’m sure that all of those people in the same boat appreciate your selfless efforts – and will be quite pleased to read this little revelation in their favourite tabloid. Now they can look forward to weeks and weeks of determined ‘journalists’ playing that exciting new game; Out The MP!

Come on, fellas! It’s nothing to be ashamed of!


Come on fellas! It’s nothing to be ashamed of!


Meanwhile, David Cameron’s Christmas wish is starting to come true…

Independent – Lib Dem crisis deepens as candidate defects to Tories (24 Jan): The sense of crisis engulfing the Liberal Democrats has deepened after one of their parliamentary candidates defected to the Conservative Party. Adrian Graves, who stood at the 1997 and 2005 elections for Suffolk West, said his decision was a response to David Cameron modernising the Tories rather than the “catastrophe” in the Liberal Democrats after the resignation of the party’s leader Charles Kennedy and home affairs spokesman Mark Oaten… Mr Graves, 57, who decided to quit the Liberal Democrats before Christmas, said: “I decided to move on before the latest round of catastrophe. I have no regrets.”

Independent – Leading Lib Dem warns of more defections to Tories (26 Jan): A prominent Liberal Democrat has said that some senior figures in the party may defect to the Tories because David Cameron has positioned them on the political centre ground. Harold Elletson, a former Tory MP who joined the Liberal Democrats in 2002, said some Liberal Democrat MPs were considering whether to switch to the Tories – and hinted that he might rejoin his old party.

Was this what they had in mind when the decision was taken to assassinate Charles Kennedy? Somehow I doubt it.

The result is going to be a lot of MPs keeping their heads down and/or standing to one side lest their skeletons be rattled… meanwhile, Blair will continue on his merry way.

That word ‘buckwheats’ keeps bouncing around in my mind…

Posted by Tim Ireland at 25 January 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

The Register – Murdoch to bring MySpace to UK: News International has sent the social networking world into a tizz by saying its US-based will hit the UK within a month. According to the BBC, Fox Interactive Media president Ross Levinson told a conference in Las Vegas that the UK launch was on track, and that the initial plan was to “tap into the music scene”.

(Cheers to Nick for the heads-up.)

UPDATE – Five quid says that someone just made (or is about to make) a bundle out of the currently parked and marked ‘for sale’ domain – a WHOIS shows that the record was last updated, erm… today. The domain has been in the posession of Total Web Solutions (and appears to have been held and advertised on a speculation basis) since late 1997.

Oh, and some clever-clogs registered 9 short days ago.

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