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Posted by Tim Ireland at 5 May 2005

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch, UK General Election 2005

Well, the boogeymen have bottled it. The big threat to Blair Murdoch is the rise of the Lib-Dems. And you can just smell the fear in today’s Sun:

The Scum – The chance you mustn’t waste: You only get to vote in a General Election about 15 times in your life. That’s what a precious commodity you have in your hands today. It is vital that you use it… Make sure you vote today. Vote for anyone (well, not the extremist Lib Dems) because contrary to what the moaners claim, your vote DOES count. Vote for whoever you believe will do the best for you and for the country (that rules out the Lib Dems straight away).

Heh. Lib-Dem extremists. And here was me thinking that the Tories were terrorists.

Please excuse me for a bit. I have to go out and vote. For the Lib-Dems.

UPDATE – Wait a mo. I just got a last-minute email from ‘honest’ John Prescott, who assures me that: “Today you must choose between Labour, under Tony Blair, or the Tories under Michael Howard. A vote for the Lib Dems will effectively be a vote for the Tories.”

Well John, I’ve heard this argument before… but now I hear it from someone with your working-class credentials, I certainly must say that it gives me pause for thought.

PS – You were equally convincing when you were wheeled out to defend Iraq and ID cards and detention without trial because Blair didn’t have the guts to appear on Radio 4 himself.

(goes out at votes Lib-Dem anyway)

Get out there and VOTE today, folks!

Posted by Tim Ireland at 3 May 2005

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Let’s not pull any punches, now…

The Scum – Protest peril: Vote for the Lib Dems on Thursday and you could be signing a young person’s death warrant.

They then follow this editorial with (!)… a tribute to Anthony Wakefield.

Posted by Tim Ireland at 2 May 2005

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

The Sun continues its rip-off (1, 2) of the original Rock The Vote and shamelessly ties it into a push for Labour and the war in Iraq.

Check it out…

The Scum – Robbie sez: Use your vote!: Pop superstar Robbie Williams today urges all Sun readers: “Use your voice – you must vote.” Other stars backing our drive include Madonna, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, singer Will Young and comics Frank Skinner and Al Murray. Queen of pop Madonna, 46, told Sun readers: “Take responsibility for yourself and the world around you. Vote!” Meanwhile millionaire radio star Chris Evans pledged his support for Tony Blair yesterday. The DJ spoke at a rally of party members in Enfield, North London – which the PM also addressed. Evans said of Mr Blair: “He is a good man, an honest man and more important for me he means it.”

A good man. An honest man. Did you catch that?

Cock off, Evans.

The Scum Says – Be heard!: At last, it’s the final lap. In just three days, campaigning will give way to voting. The general feeling is that the 2005 election has been one of the least inspiring in living memory. Yesterday was pretty typical. The lacklustre Tories and laughable Lib Dems came up with nothing innovative just another attack on Tony Blair over Iraq. They’re like a record stuck in a groove. Except nobody outside the Westminster village is listening. When the opposition parties can do no more than hurl personal insults at the Prime Minister, there’s little wonder so many lose interest in politics. That’s why it’s so important for YOU to be heard on Thursday. Some of the biggest names in showbusiness have backed our Rock The Vote campaign and urged readers to vote on Thursday. Robbie Williams’ message today is short but to the point: “Use your voice – you must vote.” He’s dead right.

Did you catch that?

Translation: Vote! Use your voice! But please shut the fuck up about Iraq, because nobody cares. Now here’s a pop star who (you can assume) agrees with us on that point.

Posted by Tim Ireland at 20 April 2005

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Rebekah Wade - second against the wall...I wonder what that nice Mr Murdoch demanded got in return?

It’s W.A.R. on Rock The Vote UK from tomorrow, folks. Plus a major event from BB. I may take some time to write it up, but it’s a-comin’

UPDATE – Guido’s view; succinct as always.

Here’s some background if you need it.

UPDATE 2 – The Scum have buried Rock The Vote UK in the dead-zone of Page 2 today. Perhaps they figured that a big ‘campaign for votes’ feature alongside this ‘change’ in thinking would be a little *too* obvious. I’m also waiting to hear more from the good peeps at the original Rock The Vote. Big BB thing still being discussed.

Posted by Tim Ireland at 19 April 2005

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch, UK General Election 2005

The Scum – If you care… VOTE: Music stars were out in force yesterday to back The Sun’s Rock The Vote campaign. Coldplay’s Chris Martin, 28, said our move to get young people to have their say in the General Election was a “great idea.” He added: “I think that by voting you show you care. It’s when politicians don’t think we care that they start doing the craziest things.” He was joined by McFly singer Tom Fletcher, 19. He said: “It’s very important to make your voice heard when decisions are being made about your future.” Blue star Duncan James, 27, said: “Well done, The Sun. I think it’s a fantastic campaign. It’s important young people vote to show they care about what happens to the country.” Pop Idol winner Will Young, 26, also hailed The Sun for its efforts. He said: “We’ve been given the freedom of choice. If you want to be heard and try to make a difference, you must vote.” Soul beauty Beverley Knight, 33, said: “Whatever you do, make sure you vote.” Beverley told Labour supporters at a rally in Birmingham: “You’ve got to do what’s right by exercising what people have fought for.”

The Scum rips off Rock The Vote - logo and allYes, and take a look at the rally she said this at.

1) It’s nice that pop stars are being praised for speaking up. Normally Murdoch goes for their throat if they dare to open their mouths.

2) It’s nice also that The Sun has a new crop of celebrities backing their campaign, so they don’t have to rely on claiming/suggesting that stars like Snoop Dogg and Leonardo DiCaprio are backing their rip-off campaign because they backed the original Rock The Vote, which came from a collective vehemently opposed to Rupert Murdoch and his agenda. If you take a look at the logo they printed yesterday that still appears on their website today, you can see that they’ve even ripped off Rock The Vote’s logo and sloppily slapped a ‘UK’ on it. They even left in that funny little symbol next to the ‘E’ (I’m sure it means something, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what).

I got in touch with Rock The Vote yesterday. They were completely unaware of Rock The Vote UK. I’d imagine they’d now want to take some kind of legal action, but we’ll see what develops. Anyway, let’s get back to The Scum and a final word for today…

The Scum Says – Vote vote vote: Wise words from Coldplay star Chris Martin in our Rock The Vote campaign. Chris warns that it is vital to use your vote because “it’s when politicians don’t think we care that they start doing the craziest things”. He is right. Apathy is the greatest enemy of democracy. Your vote is a precious right for which many have given their lives. Make sure you use it.

I could have sworn that politicians do crazy things even when they know we *do* care – if they can rely on newspapers like The Sun to help them sell a big enough lie.

Posted by Tim Ireland at 18 April 2005

Category: Page 3 - News in Briefs, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch, UK General Election 2005

Sheer gallThe Scum – Rock The Vote UK: In January the world watched in awe as eight million Iraqis braved terrorist slaughter to take part in the country’s first general election for a lifetime. In some parts of the ravaged country, turnout was a staggering 90 per cent. Women in tears were determined to have their first-ever say in the greatest event in the democratic calendar. Yet in Britain on May 5, millions will stay home and watch EastEnders or go to the pub rather than decide how – and by whom – their nation is governed. Today The Sun is launching a Rock The Vote campaign to get our readers and every other able-bodied person out on the big day to say who they want in Parliament. Our drive, which mirrors a similar US initiative, is backed by a host of celebrities including rock’s Justin Hawkins and Noel Gallagher, soccer’s Sir Alex Ferguson and athletics’ Dame Kelly Holmes… Tony Blair last night backed The Sun’s Rock the Vote campaign. “The vote is a very precious thing,” he said. “It’s easy for people to be cynical. Easy, but wrong. On May 5 every single voter has the same power in their hands. They should use it.”

Let’s just ignore the fact that it’s easy to be cynical and vote, and move on, shall we?

Take a look at how this is introduced; with the unquestionable glory of democracy brought to Iraq via the miracle of precision bombing. Then take a look at the original Rock The Vote and the core issue it addresses.

Then – even if you disregard snide asides about “George Galloway’s unrespectable Respect” – you need no more than a quick ponder on who benefits most from an increased turnout to see what this hijack is all about.

Apathy isn’t the problem the instigators of this event; activism is. What they want to do is get out a ‘duh’ vote on their terms and associate it with a movement that openly challenged their version of reality.

Yes, let’s reach the youth and empower them.

Hey kids! I just used the word ’empower’… and you know what that means, don’t you? Yes, it’s time for tits!

Today Nikkala (23, from Middlesex) hopes readers will heed The Sun’s Rock The Vote campaign. She says: “If we don’t use our right to vote, the country heads for apathy. Get out there and cast your vote.”

I think there’s scope for a competing event. Brian Eno is my starting point. Emailing in 5, 4, 3, 2…

UPDATE – Brian has bunked off to Canada. Working on other contacts…

Posted by Tim Ireland at 4 April 2005

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch, UK General Election 2005

And just what the hell is Murdoch playing at?

Is he hedging his bets, or is he trying to bitch-slap Blair (as he has in the past) to adopt some of his favourite policies? I suspect the latter given this little ‘tell’: So, what is the alternative? We discount the Lib Dems from the start, because we believe they are unprincipled and unworthy of your vote. On taxes, at least, they are honest – they will put them up. But on every other issue, they are two-faced. This leaves us with the Tories. In many ways, the Conservatives speak our language, especially when it comes to Europe, illegal immigration and crime. We support their tough plans and believe they reflect the mood of our tolerant country. Enough is enough.

The entire editorial has been pasted ‘below the fold’ (as they say) for future reference. (You’ll love the bit about letting the readers decide.)

UPDATE – Emily Bell – Why the Sun’s wavering


Posted by Tim Ireland at 7 March 2005

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Independent – Furious Quinns launch tirade against Blunkett: In public, Mr Blunkett refused to counterattack, saying it would be “unseemly” to engage in a public argument with the couple. Privately, he is convinced that it was someone close to the Quinns who leaked to yesterday’s Sun newspaper the result of the latest DNA test, which established that he is not the father of Mrs Quinn’s second child, Lorcan, born last month.

What a load of unmitigated bulldust.

If you check Bloggerheads from the 16th, 17th and 18th of August 2004, you’ll see a clear pattern of ‘mysterious leaks’ that take form in print in The Sun and News Of The World as support-pieces for David Blunkett. FFS, they even had their Page 3 girl shedding a tear at his resignation.

If the Quinns had leaked anything to The Sun, Wade would have turned that against them in a second in a barrage of SHAMELESS HUSSY MANIPULATES PRESS headlines.

Guy Fawkes – No Need for a Nanny Now: The negative DNA test result comes as rumours circulate that Blunkett could make an early return after Labour wins the General Election. Admittedly the main sources for the rumours are Blunkett and his few remaining allies.

Rebekah Wade has a thing for horsesYou may recall that the Osbournes got robbed the last time (almost) everybody was talking about security measures and the legal advice given for the invasion of Iraq (November 22 and 23 2004) but I’m *pretty* sure The Sun doesn’t have a team of professional crims on the payroll to provide timely distractions.

No, what I find most curious about this two-day sequence of front pages is that horse. Remember the puppy thrown off an overpass that got more coverage than the Abu Ghraib torture victims? (Click here and scroll to bottom.)

Now, as British soldiers are found guilty of abusing Iraqi prisoners and sentencing is nigh, Wade has decided to reserve the front page for the Queen’s guards getting a horse drunk.

This is yet another instance where Rebekah Wade seems to be suggesting that Iraqis are less important than animals. Either that, or she’s been reading Bloggerheads and this is a secret message to let me know that she has a thing for horses.


Speaking of such matters, the fun continues on Page 3 where, following Blair’s somewhat desperate ploy of upping the minimum wage, work-a-day peeps (who would well-and-truly freak out if they knew about this tax-dodging motherhumper) are assured by The Girl With The Boobs that all is well and the economy is strong.

Today Jak (19, from Tunbridge Wells) is delighted that British business is booming. And she’s doing her own bit for exports – by taking 10,000 advance orders for her single Come On. She adds: “Profits are up for British business. That’s a good sign the economy is doing just fine.”

Hrm. The propaganda is there, but somehow someone also found space to work in a plug for Jak’s single. This *may* have something to do with Jak being the stepdaughter of an executive editor.

UPDATE – Boris Johnson – Sorry, Blair, but that is so much phooey: Under the Bill that went through the Commons last night, the Home Secretary (the chap with the big ears and the white bumfluff beard) will be able to inflict this incarceration indefinitely upon any British person that he suspects – on the basis of we are not allowed to know what evidence – of being involved in “terrorism-related activities”. Above all, he will be able to do this without any obligation to bring that person to trial, and there, I think, he goes too far.

UPDATE – – Minority Report (an extract won’t do it justice, I’m afraid; you’ll have to go and read it)

UPDATE – Peter Gasston – Proud to be civilised: None of the Iraqis were asked to give evidence; the British army says it could not find them. The Independent found them in 48 hours, living within a few km of the British base (note: the story is not online at the moment due to legal issues). They claim they were beaten by the British soldiers as suspected thieves; some of them, however, were employees of the camp.

UPDATE – Ahahahahahahahaha! Curtail those civil liberties! Quickly! Before the terrorists get us! Don’t think! Do it NOW! Chop-chop! Oooh, look out… I think I can hear them coming (and so on and so forth)….

The Scum – Don’t delay: There is no reason now for the Tories to stand in the way of the anti-terror laws. The Government has listened to the concerns of those who say, rightly or wrongly, that locking up suspects solely on the say-so of a politician is wrong. On Monday an amendment will be made so that a judge is involved in this process at an early stage. That will safeguard civil liberties. So Parliament must get on with making this new law effective as soon as possible. Every delay is one more day when the terrorists could inflict a dreadful outrage on this country and its citizens. No political party would ever be forgiven if its actions caused a delay which allowed a disaster to happen.

UPDATE – Press Release: Boris Johnson MP denounces Government’s latest Anti-Terror plans

Boris, you fool! Can you not hear them coming for us?! RIGHT *NOW*?! Stop this madness and get on board before we all get blowed up, man!


UPDATE – The UK Today – End of an era: And what a corrupting influence power is. Back in 1994, the Labour Shadow Home Secretary stated that; “the liberty of the subject should be taken away not by the act of a politician, but by a court of law.” The name of this clear-thinking individual? Tony Blair.

UPDATE – Via WibblerBoing Boing – UK Labour MP flays govt over terror laws – incredible speech!: UK Labour MP Brian Sedgemore has given his last speech in Parliament, and it’s a doozy: he excoriates – nay, flays alive – the Blair government and Labour’s tame backbenchers for collaborating to turn Britain into a police state in the name of fighting terrorism.

Seymour Hersh – “We’ve Been Taken Over by a Cult”: …the amazing thing is we are been taken over basically by a cult, eight or nine neo-conservatives have somehow grabbed the government. Just how and why and how they did it so efficiently, will have to wait for much later historians and better documentation than we have now, but they managed to overcome the bureaucracy and the Congress, and the press, with the greatest of ease. It does say something about how fragile our Democracy is. You do have to wonder what a Democracy is when it comes down to a few men in the Pentagon and a few men in the White House having their way… there’s been a tremendous sea change in the government. A concentration of power…. We’re nowhere. The press is nowhere. The congress is nowhere. The military is nowhere. Every four-star General I know is saying, “Who is going to tell them we have no clothes?” Nobody is going to do it. Everybody is afraid to tell Rumsfeld anything. That’s just the way it is. It’s a system built on fear. It’s not lack of integrity, it’s more profound than that. Because there is individual integrity. It’s a system that’s completely been taken over – by cultists.

How can they get away with such a thing you ask?

In a word; television.

How Democracy Was Subverted in Peru: What they found was a stunningly bold and effective effort to circumvent three institutions key to maintaining democracy in Peru: the judiciary, the legislature, and the media. “Montesinos and Fujimori maintained the facade of democracy – the citizens voted, judges decided, the media reported – but they drained its substance,” McMillan and Zoido wrote. What’s more, by analyzing the size of the bribes, they demonstrate that the media, or more specifically, television, has become the most forceful of the checks and balances that underpin constitutional government.

But this is also enabled by an echo chamber in the press and on Teh Interwebs. And money. Lots and lots of dirty money.

McPaper – Report: PR spending doubled under Bush: The Bush administration has more than doubled its spending on outside contracts with public relations firms during the past four years, according to an analysis of federal procurement data by congressional Democrats.

Now, let’s turn our heads toward home…

Europhobia: As Clarke also told Channel Four News presenter Jon Snow, it is the media’s job to help the government spread “the truth” about the terrorists lurking around every corner, in the wardrobe, under the bed and behind the curtains (gotta love the Murdoch press). If the media carries on questioning the government, people might start to think that our wondrous leadership is doing things wrong. We can’t have that now, can we?

It almost sounds as if we’re going to end up with a system where people are detained without trial.. unless it’s a trial-by-media. Hang on a mo; retract “It almost sounds like…”

The Sun – I stayed at terror camp with Osama: One of the four Camp Delta prisoners now walking Britain’s streets came face to face with Osama Bin Laden in a terror camp, court documents reveal.

Court documents? Why, that almost suggests that this man had a trial. If so, then that’s news to me. Anyway, he’s been convicted by Murdoch, and that’s what counts…

The Sun – Truly terrifying: From his own mouth, Briton Richard Belmar admits that he was trained as a Muslim terrorist. He confirms he came face to face with al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. He reveals he was a disciple of Abu Qatada – Bin Laden’s so-called “Ambassador in Europe”. These admissions were not made under fear of torture but in a military tribunal with lawyers present. And yet Belmar is a free man. Despite warnings from the Pentagon that America considers Belmar a threat to security, Britain has taken him from the safety of Camp X-Ray in Cuba and set him loose in London. The transcript of Belmar’s legal hearing casts grave doubts on the wisdom of that action.

Ah, I see. When they say ‘court’, they mean a US military tribunal… one that has no bearing on this man’s legal status in this country. But trial-by-media operates a little differently, as you may well expect.

Oh, and I just love that – because he wasn’t actually strapped into a chair and being beaten at the time – The Scum presents Belmar’s statements to this tribunal as being untainted by 2+ years of incarcaration without hope of release, solitary confinement and torture.

Anyway, getting back to the burning beans, that nice Mr Murdoch is taking the assurances of the Bush administration and feeding them to the British public as ‘proof’. And – as Charles Clarke seems to think – it is their duty to do so.

You may want to revisit a few public reactions to the release of these men and see how many arguments in favour of their continued detention rely on total belief in their guilt. This belief is based largely on what they are fed by butt-munching neo-con media barons like Murdoch, who take ‘evidence’ that’s deemed inadmissible in this country, bypass all of that ‘due process’ nonsense and go straight to the lynching.

You may also want to get in touch with Mr Clarke today and have a few words. You can do so via his homepage (which helpfully advises us that Mr Clarke is still Secretary of State for Education and Skills, and therefore is well-placed to teach those pesky terrorists a lesson or two).

UPDATE (Feb 1) – Washington Post – Judge Rules Detainee Tribunals Illegal: A federal judge ruled yesterday that the Bush administration must allow prisoners at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to contest their detention in U.S. courts, concluding that special military reviews established by the Pentagon as an alternative are illegal. U.S. District Judge Joyce Hens Green said that the approximately 550 men held as “enemy combatants” are entitled to the advice of lawyers and to confront the evidence against them in those proceedings. But, she found, the Defense Department has largely denied them these “most basic fundamental rights” during the reviews conducted at Guantanamo Bay, in the name of protecting the United States from terrorism.

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