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Posted by Tim Ireland at 5 November 2007

Category: Guy Fawkes Night, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Rebekah Wade on the pile

[For those who came in late: PROOF: Rebekah Wade is a guy!]

In the case of Tony Blair, my two eldest boys were a bit young to fully appreciate the implications of burning someone in effigy (a situation that led to the creation of The World According to Leo Blair), so the creation of that guy was very much a personal affair.

This year, however, it was very much a family affair…. which I thought fitting, given The Sun’s reputation as a family newspaper.


Anyway, the whole clan chipped in this year (even the very youngest crumpled a bit of newspaper), so we were free to enter the guy into the competition line-up under the ‘9 years and over’ category.

Which. We. Won.


I was called in on spruiker duty at the last minute, so I missed the judging… and the burn… but I did get to enjoy a fair bit of back-patting as the torch-wielding villagers filed past the main gate on their way into the bonfire.

I’m pleased to report the following:

– The guys were arranged with slightly less care this year, but the end result was quite pleasing; Rebekah Wade appeared to have been cast aside like the trash she is.

– I also have reliable testimony of distinct toe-curling before Rebekah was consumed by fire (see the pre-burn report for why this is important).

I was, however, slightly disturbed to learn that the mock-up of the newspaper proved surprisingly resilient to flame, and survived well past the point where the heat of the fire made it impossible to get any more photos:

Rebekah Wade burns!

A clear indication, I would think, of the challenges to come.

The next morning, the boys and I returned to the site of the burning to complete the ceremony by collecting some ashes.

These ashes will be put to good use very shortly. Watch this space.

A white, powdery substance.

Posted by Tim Ireland at 2 November 2007

Category: Guy Fawkes Night, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

I’m burning Rebekah Wade in effigy tomorrow night as part of the Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night celebrations.

In keeping with tradition, she will first be paraded in front of the townspeople, and then ceremonially placed upon the bonfire.

Then (and I am not kidding you, as we take Bonfire Night very seriously around here) villagers will throw flaming torches at her and cheer as she burns.

To prepare for her weekend adventure, Rebekah has chosen to spend today relaxing in the garden, enjoying the fruits of her labour:

Rebekah Wade

As with the effigy of Tony Blair (final reports on the burn here and here), some serious voodoo is at work:

– The head itself is empty, but at the last minute it will be filled with roughly one kilo of rancid porridge (which is right now quietly decomposing behind the shed).

– Rebekah’s face, rather than being painted, has been finished with a lovingly-applied layer of her own lies.

– She is dressed, as you may note, in the type of power-suit she favours when badgering vulnerable young women into spouting right-wing propaganda, and her body has been stuffed with the finest copies of News of the World and The Sun that the local bins have to offer.

– Special care has been taken with the stuffing of her (ahem) reproductive area, which has been carefully lined with used sandpaper.

– I decided against shoes or boots at the last minute, and instead chose a pair of striped stockings for her feet. This is exactly what the Wicked Witch of the East was wearing *just* before a house fell on her.

I’ll be watching very carefully to see if her feet curl as she burns on Saturday. Only then will I know if my voodoo is strong.

Posted by Tim Ireland at 15 October 2007

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

The Sun – New laws pull plug on Xmas

They wheel this tired old nonsense out every year… but they’re disturbingly early this year.

See also: The Guardian – The phoney war on Christmas

UPDATE – Hehehehehe. Snap.

Posted by Tim Ireland at 5 September 2007

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

I’ll repeat what I said here; I fear Rebekah Wade’s days are numbered…

Media Guardian – Sun slashes price in south-east
Media Guardian – Sun battles to stay above 3m
Brand Republic – The Sun turns to street sales to boost circulation

The Guardian: Roy Grenslade – Read all about it! Desperate Sun takes to the streets: My own feeling is that this smacks of desperation. Rupert Murdoch has sanctioned the idea, despite the huge losses involved, because he can’t face The Sun’s sale falling below 3m. The price cut, and the use of vendors, is sure to improve circulation in the short term. Likely result? Further downward pressure on the sales of the Daily Star and Daily Mirror. And long term? An upward blip for The Sun before it resumes its former decline once the price is raised yet again.

My advice to Charlie Brooks; if you want her to remain gainfully employed for a few more months, don’t do anything to aggravate her!

Posted by Tim Ireland at 6 July 2007

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Obsolete – Scum-watch: The dead flag blues

5cc – More soaraway propaganda

(Psst! I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Wade’s days are numbered… the old mongrel is far too reliant on her old tricks.)

Slate – Who had a critical profile of Rupert’s wife, Wendi Deng, spiked?

Danwei – Aussie newspaper kills story about Rupert Murdoch’s wife

Posted by Tim Ireland at 26 June 2007

Category: Page 3 - News in Briefs, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Told you so.

Here we go, with helpful input from the lovely Mel and Becky:

The ups and downs of the game within 48 hours. Rebekah Wade must be feeling frisky…

Posted by Tim Ireland at 25 June 2007

Category: Page 3 - News in Briefs, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

The Times – Brown to allow Iraq protests: Gordon Brown is to make a symbolic gesture to critics of the Iraq war by allowing antiwar protesters to demonstrate and march outside parliament. This will reverse legislation introduced by Tony Blair two years ago to restrict the rights of people to camp on Parliament Square and install banners criticising the government.

Guardian – Brown to lift protest restrictions: The Sunday Times said it had seen a memo from Sir Richard Mottram, chairman of the joint intelligence committee, indicating that the change in the law was to be accompanied by plans to bolster defences at key Westminster sites with walls and bollards.

Rikki’s not buying it, but it’s an imperfect report to start with (the ridiculous SOCPA law bans all forms of protest at many locations, not just those pertaining to Iraq… and it’s pretty much left up to the police to decide what gets targeted and what doesn’t).

I’ll reserve judgement until the move is clarified or actually made.

Besides, this morning we have a far more important issue to deal with… will Brown call a snap election? will Brown be as reliant on Murdoch as Blair?

It’s no fun watching your PM getting bitch-slapped by a foreign media owner over crime/immigration/EU/etc. – and that’s the price for collusion with Murdoch.

And, of course, the not-quite-a-leak about the possible lifting of protest restrictions comes to us via a Murdoch publication.

Now, where was I?

The Sun: Page 3 - 25 June 2007Oh, yes… will Brown call a snap election? will Brown be as reliant on Murdoch as Blair?

Well, let’s ask the girl on Page 3, shall we?

Today, Nikkala (24, from Middlesex) looks positively startled as she congratulates Gordon Brown on becoming leader, expresses ‘her’ view that a snap election is a great idea and says; “An election victory would be the ideal way to stamp his authority on the country.”

Remarkably, this opinion matches perfectly with the following front-page article:

The Sun – Brown: Election within a year: Gambler Gordon Brown will call a General Election inside a YEAR. The most likely date is next June, but he could shock the nation with a snap poll this autumn. Mr Brown was crowned Labour Party leader yesterday before he takes over from Tony Blair as PM on Wednesday. But he already wants to secure a fresh mandate from the British people within 12 months.

Sadly, the Sun Says editorial is reserved for some Harriet-bashing, but at least they used the word ‘fresh mandate’ in their lead article.

It was fun watching the Tories run around insisting that Brown had no mandate when they knew very well that they had to abandon their ‘Vote Blair, Get Brown’ campaign slogan when they realised that this was exactly what Labour activists were saying on doorsteps around the country during the 2005 election.

[Also today in the Sun… the red menace goes green, as promised. If I were paranoid, I would assign significance to their using a winking loggerhead turtle as one of the three cuddly endangered animals in the relevant TV advertisements for the campaign.]

Posted by Tim Ireland at 14 May 2007

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Here are two items from the Independent on Sunday:

IoS – Brown to wrongfoot Cameron with 100,000 new eco-homes

IoS – Murdoch: I’m proud to be green: In one of the most unexpected conversions since Saul of Tarsus hit the road to Damascus, Rupert Murdoch is turning into a green campaigner. He is making the whole of his worldwide operations carbon neutral and setting out to “educate and engage” his readers and viewers about global warming.

And today, we have this from the Downing Street Echo:

The Sun – EXCLUSIVE: Brown the builder gets going

The Sun – Only Brown can fill Tony’s shoes

Oh, and this shining endorsement from the Page 3 girl:

The Sun, Page 3 - 14 May 2007

Memo to Rebekah Wade:

Prepare your troops for an all-out assault on global terrorism warming:

Core messages:

– We could all die horribly. Quite possibly tomorrow.
– This must unite in this struggle and not let petty differences over foreign policy sway us from our task.
– What is done is done. Let us look to the future and work together toward our goal a common goal.
– Anyone who dares dredge up the past or have a pop at us about anything we’re up to presently does not take global warming seriously, and is therefore an enemy of the people.

Immediate tasks:

– Register ‘Carbon Cheats’ as a trademark.
– Provide evidence that the EU is driving climate change.
– Oh, and have someone investigate the average carbon output of an illegal immigrant.

In short, nothing much changes… but we go green from today.

Murdoch Smash!

Posted by Tim Ireland at 10 May 2007

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

If I had the time, I’d look into this today. I’d want to see this video, know where it came from and get an independent translation of its contents.

Any takers?

Posted by Tim Ireland at 1 May 2007

Category: Page 3 - News in Briefs, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch, Tony 'King Blair

It’s [almost] 10 years to the day since Tony Blair first walked into Downing Street with the help of that lovely man Rupert Murdoch. And here is today’s news:

Independent – Blair’s bloody legacy: Iraq: On the 10th anniversary of Tony Blair’s election as Prime Minister, an exclusive poll reveals 69 per cent of Britons believe that, when he leaves office, his enduring legacy will be the bloody conflict in Iraq.

Independent – Revealed: how London bombers slipped through MI5’s grasp: As mainland Britain’s longest-running terror trial finally came to an end, the success of police and the security services in smashing an al-Qa’ida plot to bring carnage to Britain was overshadowed by the disclosure that MI5 also missed several opportunities to identify Mohammed Siddique Khan, the leader of the London suicide bombers.

Guardian – July 7 victims deliver inquiry demand: Survivors of and relatives of those killed in the July 7 terror attacks today delivered a letter to the Home Office calling for an “independent and impartial public inquiry” into the attack. The letter, addressed to the home secretary, John Reid, called for a wide-ranging investigation into the communication between government, police and the security service. The move, by the 7/7 Inquiry Group, came a day after it was revealed that MI5 had come across July 7 ringleader Mohammed Sidique Khan and his right-hand man Shehzad Tanweer while investigating another group of plotters but let them slip through the net.

And now, here is today’s news from the primary propaganda outlet of the Blair/Murdoch dream team:

Be proud, Tony

TEN years ago today, Britain overwhelmingly put its faith in a young politician to guide our nation into a new era. And despite all the moaning, Tony Blair is entitled to feel pride today at his historic decade as Labour PM. Three times the Tories have tried to beat him. Three times they failed. After ten years at No10, Blair is one of the world’s senior statesmen. At home, however much has gone wrong, he has kept his pledge to provide massive extra funding for the NHS and schools. His government has delivered 58 quarters of unbroken economic growth, low inflation, the minimum wage and millions of new jobs. In Northern Ireland, which for so long defeated politicians of every party, the PM is about to seal what looks like permanent peace. And, despite Iraq, he can claim moral victories abroad in Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan. No leader expects total success. Blair has admitted that some things have gone wrong – things he knows should have gone better. But despite looming defeats in Thursday’s elections, he should raise a glass in quiet celebration. As Gordon Brown writes of today in a remarkable personal tribute to Blair, their own inevitable personal ups and downs should never be allowed to disguise their comradeship and pride in Labour. Sometimes it’s too easy to knock politicians without sufficiently appreciating that a man like Blair has dedicated his life to serving his country – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for ten gruelling years. If the boyish grin of May 1 1997 has been replaced by greying hair, is it any surprise? When you look at the burdens a PM has to carry, it seems a miracle that anyone wants to take it on. Now it looks like Gordon’s turn to take the strain. His first duty should be to buy Blair a drink. He has earned it.

We’re in peril

IT would be nice to think we can sleep easier after putting five al-Qaeda bomb plotters behind bars for decades. But there are plenty more where they came from here in our midst. Hundreds of al-Qaeda cells are planning attacks and grooming suicide bombers. MI5 is stretched to the limit tracking at least 2,000 known extremists in Britain. The lesson from yesterday’s verdict is clear, and we cannot ignore it. Britain must now move much more quickly and firmly to clamp down on Muslim hotheads ranting on our streets to attract new recruits. We cannot wait until London or Manchester is blown to bits before acting to protect the British people.

The only hint of criticism? Two words; ‘despite Iraq’…. which is somewhat overshadowed by a repeat of the all-too-familiar assurance that we had best start appreciating this regime and stop asking difficult questions lest we all get blowed up.

Amusingly, they also bring two boobs out for some ‘united front’ propaganda on Page 3… and yet place the information down by the panties to tell those ‘in the know’ that it’s really a pile of knickers:

page 3 today

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UPDATE – More from Rachel (who has had a very busy day).

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