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Shh! Don’t tell Iain or Paul, but…

Civil action can be quite pricey and sometimes dicey, but for those with no time for critics and no taste for accountability, there is an alternative… call the cops and scream ‘harassment': Slugger O’Toole – Power of arrest used against … Continue reading

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Six quickies

1. The reason there aren’t more results for the “Which right-wing ‘blogger’ are you?” quiz; the wannabes (who I’ll be kind enough not to list here) all copy the techniques used by Mummy blogger and Daddy blogger, so there’s very … Continue reading

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Some quiz goodness for you

A little treat for you, fresh from the potting shed: QUIZ: which right-wing ‘blogger’ are you? Good luck.

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Yesterday was the last day of my self-imposed curfew, and what did I do? I broke curfew! I surrendered to the demon drink after a couple of weeks, too. Like a total pansy. Tch. I throw myself on the mercy … Continue reading

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Caroline Spelman gets a free ride from Iain Dale

Watch the publisher of Total Politics show you his understanding of what ‘fair and balanced’ means here and here. Fans of Iain Dale will recognise the ‘baying mob’ line from his reaction to the Conway affair (summed up marvellously here, … Continue reading

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Linkdump ahoy!

1. Joseph Obi is on the warpath. The attack on Louise Redvers is particularly appalling… and actionable. Sadly, The Obi One has yet to reveal what he’s really angry about (i.e. what triggered this greatly delayed outburst). 2. Thank you, … Continue reading

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Five quick items

1. Nadine Dorries is telling porkies again. Oh, and did everyone watch the sun come up this morning? It came as a hell of a surprise, let me tell you. 2. Richard Bartholomew offers an excellent post on UK libel … Continue reading

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Brown forced to eat Crewe and Nantwich

Well said, that man: Justin McKeating: Any Tory who thinks they are winning rather than Labour losing needs to stop jumping around and take a bit of breather. Even Iain Dale and Paul Staines appear to agree; it wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Torygraph goes up to 11

Independent –’s web surge ignites row Guardian – Publishers query Telegraph rise Telegraph – We’re No. 1! We’re No. 1!* (*OK, so I’m paraphrasing.) Eyebrows raised in the past by the Telegraph’s past traffic claims here and here. The … Continue reading

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Abortion vote latest

Via Student Midwife, I learn of a live-blog over at the Guardian. Any other games in town? [There may be a little action here, but no guarantees.] 19:25 – Edward Leigh (Con) just read out Nadine’s ‘voice of the majority’ … Continue reading

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