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Blair: Respect mah authoritah!

The UK Today – Showing a little Respect: I could spend time pulling the whole thing to pieces, but in all honesty that would be a waste of both your time and mine. New Labour, and Blair in particular, has … Continue reading

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Is the ‘respect’ campaign a half-baked gimmick?

Well, you tell me… The domain name for the main campaign website ( was registered six days ago! Proof below the fold:

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Give respect, get respect (send a message to the Labour Party)

Respect? RESPECT?! I do apologise, but this latest wheeze by the Labour Party has rendered me (temporarily) speechless. Please excuse me if I delay my opening statement and instead simply provide you with the following links: Please sign the ‘respect’ … Continue reading

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Problem? What problem?

I guess you can’t blame Blair for feeling a little cocky now that both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are doing the Reset Shuffle…. The Sun – Duty to Labour voters to stay: Defiant Tony Blair last night vowed … Continue reading

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When are we going to kick this bastard out?

BlairWatch – Why the UK Government Can’t Hold the Line: On assurances that we don’t use intelligence extracted by torture Independent – Blair’s Britain 2005 – where peaceful protest can be costly UPDATE (12 Dec) – Did anyone else catch … Continue reading

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The next five days will determine how seriously I take David Cameron

Full text: Harold Pinter’s Nobel lecture (video available here): What has happened to our moral sensibility? Did we ever have any? What do these words mean? Do they refer to a term very rarely employed these days – conscience? A … Continue reading

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New Flash Video: The World According To Leo Blair

As I mentioned here, on the day after this specific project started, I often get good ideas for creative projects while working on other creative projects (related or otherwise). If I exercise the right part of my mind, I actually … Continue reading

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On the subject of the abuse of power, police and trust

Yahoo – Blair ‘Used Police For Politics’: The Prime Minister could face a Commons inquiry into claims of Government “politicisation” of police chiefs over new anti-terror laws. Tories are unhappy that chief constables lobbied and wrote to their MPs, urging … Continue reading

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Now that I think of it….

Today is a very good day to send an email to Tony Blair. :o) Try to be nice… it’s been a rough day.

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Tick tick tick tick tick

Poons just asked a very good question: Where will Blair be in 90 days?

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