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The devil is in the detail

A juicy nugget from the Labour Party campaign return. Given that it’s one tiny entry on one page among well over 2,000 documents, I’m not surprised the (pooled) journalists missed it. We’re going to do a bit of a fundraising … Continue reading

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That nasty taste in your mouth

Iain Dale – Cherie Scrapes the Barrel by Signing Hutton Report for Auction BBDO – Who Do I Make It Out To BlairWatch – Labour: Lowering the Bar *UPDATED* EDM 2224 Eurgh. Just… eurgh. UPDATE – And here’s a picture, … Continue reading

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Poor Tony… so very sensitive to loud noises

************** PLEASE REPEAT/BLOG THE FOLLOWING INVITATION ON YOUR WEBSITE ************** You are invited to attend Parliament Square in solidarity with Brian Haw tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 11am ready for 11.30 (when Blair is due to drive past on his way … Continue reading

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Tony Blair: it’s hard to keep a grip when you’re several leagues from reality

Scant attention (1, 2) has been paid to this exchange in the Commons, highlighted here, by Blair watch: David Cameron: … the Prime Minister will not even address the fact that he is losing the support of his party. He … Continue reading

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I’m busy

Here’s why. UPDATE – Here you go… This should keep you busy. Unless you’d rather come over to my place, zone out and enter data with me, of course…

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New Backing Blair video – The Roses of Success

The Roses of Success (3.5MB w/sound) 4 days late nights work. Driven by anxious mind. Mouse hand hurts. Back sometime use words proper soon. Promise. Sleep now. PS – We have to sort these bastards out… and soon. (I love … Continue reading

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Two elections… two cocks

I’m terribly sorry, but *someone* has to make a note of this kind of thing for the record… it may as well be me. May 4th 2005: The Sun tells the world that Blair has a huge cock that he … Continue reading

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Long weekends are for wimps

We’ve been busy over at Backing Blair. Lotsa fresh bloggage.

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Over here. All the main action this week is over here.

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Tits out for Tony II

I want you to look that this from the following point of view…. For many years now, the Sun newspaper as operated shamelessly as a mouthpiece for Downing Street… up to and including propaganda on Page 3. Recently, that changed. … Continue reading

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