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David Davis

So that was the weird shudder I felt on the Underground as I left Westminster early this afternoon; it was a thousand or so people directly above me turning around and saying “WTF?!” in near-unison. It’ll be interesting to see … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries due to erupt in 5, 4, 3…

Ministry of Truth – Exclusive: Dorries to Face Standards Inquiry Liberal Conspiracy – Dorries facing Standards investigation – updated The smart money is on a totally defiant and somewhat bonkers response sometime today on Nadine’s not-a-weblog. (Find out more about … Continue reading

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Caroline Spelman gets a free ride from Iain Dale

Watch the publisher of Total Politics show you his understanding of what ‘fair and balanced’ means here and here. Fans of Iain Dale will recognise the ‘baying mob’ line from his reaction to the Conway affair (summed up marvellously here, … Continue reading

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Giles Chichester: so much for David Cameron’s ‘enforcer’

Guardian – Tories’ Brussels enforcer quits over half-million in expenses: Giles Chichester, who three months ago was charged by David Cameron with the role of ensuring that Tory MEPs were behaving scrupulously, stood down in Brussels after being found, over … Continue reading

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