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HowToCorp’s Michael Green & The 20/20 Challenge

I’ve just watched Michael Green Sebastian Fox Grant Shapps on #BBCQT and I find myself awe-struck by his chutzpa. I mean, I knew he’d have no choice but to lie to some extent, but to pretend that some irrelevant edits … Continue reading

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Kelvin MacKenzie and the 1988 ‘Brighton: Town of Shame’ editorial

There is a major discussion pending about collusion between police/authorities and the tabloid element that brazenly exploits and corrupts them. I speak not just of Hillsborough but a variety of instances in recent times (example). However, today you will have … Continue reading

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Grant Shapps is still a sock-puppeting loser

I blogged about Grant Shapps a few years ago. Back then, he sought to silence some serious questions about sock puppetry by claiming his YouTube account was hacked, and his final line in the sand was a claim that the … Continue reading

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Barely-literate passive-aggressive bigot WLTM xenophobic mob. Object: acrimony

I found this letter (embedded below) pinned to the wall of a bus stop shelter in Shalford (Surrey, UK). Further examples have been posted to local community messageboards that are unmarked, suggesting that the ‘pikey’ changes are by someone who … Continue reading

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To: Detective Chief Inspector Steve Vesztrocy, Bedfordshire Police

The following is the full and unedited text of an email sent to the named officer and the media department for Bedfordshire Police in response to their repeated failure/refusal to take action against false allegations made by the Conservative MP … Continue reading

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Sir Douglas Morpeth & the corruption of Shamley Green Conservatives

In late 2006, two Conservative activists including an executive with a local fundraising group Guildford Conservatives sought to anonymously smear an opponent as a paedophile, and me as an unfit parent and an undesirable alien with commercial interests in pornography. … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband, Nadine Dorries, and office burglary etiquette

There’s been rather a lot of fuss in recent days about an apparent break-in at Ed Miliband’s Commons offices. Police are investigating and speculation is rife. Personally, I think everybody should calm down and take a leaf out of the … Continue reading

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FAO: John Bercow, Re: Nadine Dorries is not a reasonable person (and you damn well know it)

The following is for the attention of John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, in reply to his initial response to the allegation that I will repeat in summary form here: It was my understanding after direct conversations … Continue reading

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DCI Christopher Lee of the ‘House of Commons Police’ and the lies of Nadine Dorries

This may interest you; my emails to the police officer that Nadine Dorries named in her letter to the Bedfordshire Chief Constable. Christopher Lee works for a Met CID unit based in the Houses of Parliament that Dorries has repeatedly … Continue reading

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MessageSpace cannot be trusted with your personal data

I’ve recently had cause to submit a subject access request to the advertising network MessageSpace. After spending weeks dodging the issue, Jag Singh finally issued a cursory response, but ultimately refused to disclose the data he had earlier acknowledged I … Continue reading

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