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I support Dave Walker

As Matt Warman notes under comments over at D-Notice, this issue highlighted in detail yesterday by Unity is in need of a ‘quick guide’, so I’m using his interim version here as an introduction… In a nutshell, a long running … Continue reading

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Schillings and Spicer could be a lot nicer

Craig is being bullied by lawyers again, and could do with your support. No doubt there’ll be plenty more over the weekend. UPDATE – Meanwhile… Unity – Source for the gander: Whatever you might personally think of the underlying issues, … Continue reading

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The rewriters of history

I’ve had my differences* with some of the peeps over at Harry’s Place, too (over bullying and bullshit under comments if you can believe that) but I’ll stand with them over this: Ministry of Truth – Harry’s Place threatened with … Continue reading

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Linkdump ahoy!

1. Joseph Obi is on the warpath. The attack on Louise Redvers is particularly appalling… and actionable. Sadly, The Obi One has yet to reveal what he’s really angry about (i.e. what triggered this greatly delayed outburst). 2. Thank you, … Continue reading

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Five quick items

1. Nadine Dorries is telling porkies again. Oh, and did everyone watch the sun come up this morning? It came as a hell of a surprise, let me tell you. 2. Richard Bartholomew offers an excellent post on UK libel … Continue reading

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UK Libel Law, the Demon Almost-Precedent and the Bastard Duke of Brunswick

Libel tourism is the new hotness and our milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. UK libel law is also making life increasingly difficult for those of us who like to speak our minds via Teh Interwebs. These are, … Continue reading

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What happens in Vegas…

Working on an opening post. Meantime, Mat Bowles brings to the table an issue worth watching. UPDATE – Press Gazette – Johnny Vegas sues Guardian and Observer over ‘grope’ story: Comedian Johnny Vegas has begun libel proceedings against Guardian News … Continue reading

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UK libel law it is, then

With you shortly.

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How dare you tell me what to do?!

1. National Service is going ahead, but I can’t sit around forever waiting for the money situation to get better, so, with Clive’s help, I’ve built a little cash machine to help things along. That’ll be with you shortly. 2. … Continue reading

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Obi enters Africa

LayScience – Dr. Joseph Obi cons the President of Gambia. Seriously. O.M.G. I’m with LayScience… Obi is ceasing to amuse me.

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