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Usmanov’s lawyer’s are still busy hoovering

Press Gazette – Mail on Sunday apologises to Russian billionaire over links to “rape and murder” allegations: Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, the major shareholder in Arsenal FC, today accepted a formal apology at London’s High Court after The Mail on … Continue reading

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The Obi One may have trouble laughing this one off…

LayScience – Dr. Joseph Obi vs. Today I have “most ethically” triggered a chain of events that may be of great interest to the Royal College of Alternative Medicine. Nothing beats good evidence, and I’ve just posted a load … Continue reading

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Joseph Obi and bits and bobs

Yesterday (27 Feb), Joseph Chikelue Obi uploaded these nude(!) photos of himself on Flickr [sfw], presenting them as a slide show via one of his many, many domain names. One can only assume that this is part of the PR … Continue reading

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Meet Tanja Suessenbach of Ltd

Joseph Chikelue Obi (aka The Obi One) continues to delight us with fantastic testimonials (via) and even more fantastic stat-porn, but this morning I’d like to focus on another main player in this battle for justice; Tanja Suessenbach. Tanja Suessenbach … Continue reading

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Meet Joseph Chikelue Obi and his army of supporters

The Register would have you believe that another ISP has cowardly caved to ridiculous legal threats, but I know better because I’ve read and heard the personal testimony of Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi… Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi Sensationally Appears On … Continue reading

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Bloody foreigners

They come over here, marry our women, take our jobs and exploit our libel laws. [Note – New category; ‘UK Libel Law’. There’s more to come on this issue, as was promised here.]

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