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Straight to blogroll

Some of you will already know mushybees; we teamed up all the way back in 2005 for WMD Hunt. Mushybees has just re-discovered the joys of using text with images, and the result is out-freakin-standing. Enjoy tumescent with rage; I … Continue reading

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Sparing a thought for some of the fun I’m missing

- Camera in a Guy’s Head has been a ‘featured’ video at YouTube (UK) for a couple of days now. Views are in their tens of thousands and comments in their hundreds. I’m still having trouble understanding the purpose of … Continue reading

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Little Shannon Matthews is pure, concentrated evil

I don’t think the good people at the Mirror really thought this one through: Please see Septicisle for some thoughtful words on this topic. – – Also worth reading is Jean-Charles de Menezes summed up (via) – While I remain … Continue reading

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Eclectic link dump #23

Gordon Brown gets a wee bit ahead of himself. Iain Dale says “we must not prejudge guilt”, then makes exception for Fayed. Fails to mention his friendship with the Hamiltons. Appears to wish that a fifteen year old girl has … Continue reading

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A grab bag and then some

1. Peter Mandelson: It must be a big tent if it’s got room for this clown in it. The Sun managed to amuse by taking this corrupt individual and essentially saying with their Saturday headline (“I’m Behind You”) that your … Continue reading

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“Crazy Ivan! Crazy Ivan!”

(Hey, I did warn you…) I’ve put out an initial post on the subject of Page 3 today, but apart from that and some action over further image-nickery (later) the Sun-watch project will be chugging along happily without my help … Continue reading

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Some crazy times ahead

A new post from Justin. I invite you to admire it. My brand new Prize Shelf. Ditto.

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Ten greetings from beyond the grave

- 1. I stumbled through a few graveyards during my holiday break (a very long story) and happened across this final resting place. If you’re wondering what the solar panel is for, it’s powering the fairy lights. Seriously. – 2. … Continue reading

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See you in 10 days or so, with the rest of the gang, right here. Cheers all.

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Five items

1. Supporting Dave Walker: Unity – J Mark Brewer revisited (updated): It seems that while Brewer’s up for bullying Christian cartoonists and members of the clergy, when it comes to taking on a big bad atheist blogger with a penchant … Continue reading

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