C’mon… tell me someone along the line didn’t spot this before publication…

GlobalResearch.ca – Reagan Diaries: George W: “Find the Kid a Job”…: Direct quote from the just published REAGAN DIARIES. The entry is dated May 17, 1986…. ‘A moment I’ve been dreading. George brought his ne’re-do-well son around this morning and asked me to find the kid a job. Not the political one who lives in Florida. The one who hangs around here all the time looking shiftless. This so-called kid is already almost 40 and has never had a real job. Maybe I’ll call Kinsley over at The New Republic and see if they’ll hire him as a contributing editor or something. That looks like easy work.’ (via)

Sorry, but if this is real, it still doesn’t count. Karl Rove established a long time ago that ‘born again’ means ‘born again’ and anything that happens before the age of 40 is a ‘youthful mistake’ regardless.

If any admission arises, it’ll probably take the form that this was George at his lowest ebb etc., just before he found God and turned his back on liquor… and cocaine… and wild women…

Perhaps we’ll even get to see a hitherto-undiscovered entry from the next day, which begins; “Boy, was I wrong about that young Bush lad…”

[Psst! Regulars: have you noticed the year? I call ‘nexus’.]

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More Tory sock-puppetry and smears

Mark Pack (LibDemVoice) – Who was the person who faked the Norman Lamb Facebook profile?

Some lovely detective work by Mark. I have a couple of details and observations to add: is the IP address connected so strongly to the Facebook impersonation. This is a *static* IP address used for DSL customers of KeConnect. It could be that more than one person is working on this, but only one user account is involved.

Of all of the activity tracked around the IP address, the most revealing is the Wikipedia record which shows that this IP address has been used solely to repeatedly alter Norman Lamb’s Wikipedia profile to include claims of dirty tricks against Iain Dale, claims that these were not reported because the local paper favours the Lib Dems and a plug for the next Conservative candidate due to face Lamb.

There are also some comments on the LibDemVoice website originating from the same the IP address seeking to blame the impersonation on everybody but the Tories.

So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that a Tory is behind this.

Now, those who habitually doubt the word of any Liberal Democrat may doubt the comment record claimed by Mark Pack, but mostly this is going to involve Tories who will at the same time believe or pretend to believe any old rubbish coming from Tory HQ.

Of course, one of those Tories is Iain Dale, who has recently and consistently shown strong form tolerating and allowing sock-puppetry and other forms of online chicanery when it suits him, but just because he tolerates it from others doesn’t mean he does it himself (he just can’t blame people for making that assumption is all). Also, just because someone anonymously claims that Lamb only increased his majority by telling voters that Iain Dale is gay (I wasn’t aware this was ever a secret, BTW), it does not follow that Iain Dale would be involved in this attempt to undermine his former adversary.

If anything, logic would dictate that the Tory with the strongest motive is the Tory who (currently) has the most to gain from a successful campaign of this kind and/or one of his key contributors to his campaign…. but Trevor Ivory has reportedly issued a strong denial.

I think I’ll sign off there for now and go in search of that denial…

UPDATE – (4pm) – Well, I’ll be jiggered… the Suffolk Conservative Councillors website was designed by KeConnect. I wonder if Suffolk Conservative Councillors also use KeConnect as their ISP.


Still trying to find an online record of the reported denial…. wait, no… with this little bit of help, I managed to track it down:

Eastern Daily Press MP fuming over Facebook fake: And in another twist the internet hoax had an e-mail link to the MP’s Conservative rival, Trevor Ivory, who yesterday strongly denied all knowledge on how the page was created… He said: “I strongly condemn what has happened to Mr Lamb and I have written to him to say I had nothing whatsoever to do with it.”

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Get orf moi lahhhnd!

Police ‘escorted’ off climate camp by protesters. Watch it right until the end to see a police officer deliver a somewhat embellished version of events into his radio. They don’t like it up ‘em, do they?

UPDATE – Someone raised a very good point under the comments of this video. They said; “This should be shown on the news with the policeman talking into his radio.”

And it bloody well should and all… but it probably won’t, because because left isn’t on the only bias that fucks with our media feed.

UPDATE (20 Aug) – Sometimes Dizzy can be genuinely amusing. This morning he has his knickers in a twist about what he describes as witting/unwitting intellectual dishonesty… the ‘death’ of objective knowledge.

And yet in the very next post he refers to the print edition of an article he does not link to and artfully mashes his cherry-picked point about activists trying to break a police cordon with footage of activists repelling a police incursion.

But that’s not intellectual dishonesty, is it? Neither is passing off as satire propaganda-laden claptrap about all climate change activists wanting us to “(live in the) stone age washing ourselves with cold water and pumice”.

Dizzy also has this to say about my post:

I did however particularly like this intellectually vacuous statement. Apparently, the officer at the end of the video gives “a somewhat embellished version of events into his radio.” This is based on the fact that because he said something that you don’t see in the video it can’t possibly have happened.

Below is the policeman’s version of events as delivered into his radio:

“To reiterate…officers came under sustained attack… punches were thrown… and were kicked repeatedly. Officers on the floor were kicked after they tripped over guy ropes and tents and [muffled]”

As I’ve already pointed out under comments, if the police were under *sustained* attack… and were kicked *repeatedly* these actions would have been visible in *all* of the footage available to the editor and this video simply wouldn’t exist in its current state, because there would be no usable raw footage to work with.

I completely stand by my assertion that the officer’s version of events has been embellished.

Of course, there is the slim possibility that the creator has done a near-to-impossible editing job and/or filmed an entirely different event and tacked this police officer’s report onto the end, but I doubt it for one very good reason that also makes me doubt that this video has been massaged at all; I think that the creator is unlikely to take this risk because he must know that the police have been photographing and video-taping everything as well. You see, unlike Dizzy, I’ve been paying attention. I’ve read eyewitness reports and have even been down to the camp to witness it and the police/media presence for myself. But even you can have one over on Dizzy without going through any of that nonsense; all you have to do is actually watch the video (at about 01:14 to 01:16 you’ll see at least five cameramen, at least one of which is a policeman… the easiest one to identify is on the top right wearing a hat and carrying what is most likely a digicam above his head).

If there were a grand unseen event of sustained attack and repeated kicking (on a ‘floor’ somewhere in that field) then the police would have some footage of it. Or at least some photographs of officers with boo-boos that need to be kissed better. If this film were a fake, we would have heard about it almost immediately, and we quite likely would have seen alternative footage within a day. But, no, all I’ve seen so far is a few sock-puppets disputing the presence of CS gas canisters.

Incidentally, I’ve discussed some of this briefly with Dizzy via email. He’s of the view that the eyewitness reports I mention here are compromised because Indymedia has “a political agenda”. He even seemingly rejects the notion that this was a repelled incursion – not an attacked cordon – on the same basis. Remember, this comes to you from a man with no political agenda who won’t hear a disparaging word about 18DoughtyStreet because it too has no political agenda.

Anyway, let’s get back to that police officer and this segment of his embellished report:

“To reiterate…officers came under sustained attack… punches were thrown… and were kicked repeatedly.”

The structure of this statement amuses me. If it ever came to court, the officer would quite likely get away with saying that he meant punches were thrown by their side or both sides, but he was too out of breath to include that vital bit of information in his sentence.


Indymedia: During the attempted raid, an officer, (UC3666) completely unprovoked, punched one of the people forming the human barrier. The officer was immediately removed from the site by a senior colleague.

Dumb things I gotta do today:

1. Request raw footage from the creator of this video.

2. Request a statement from the police; not least about the claim made above.

[EDIT: Quote fixed. Still chasing ecilops.]

UPDATE (5:30pm) – I have a statement from the police about the ‘UC3666′ claim made above, and will happily repeat it here in full:

At approximately 19.15 on 14.8.07 officers from the Forward Intelligence Team who were patroling the camp were confronted by demonstators who attempted to physically remove them from the site. Colleagues were called in to support them and maintain public order.

The policing team was re-established on site shortly afterwards.

The MPS has stated from the outset that we wish to facilitate lawful protest. Our police presence continues on site at the request of the land owner.

No complaint has been received about the alleged incident.

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Show your support

Banners! Get yer farm-fresh banners here!

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Reactions to Brown’s Guantanamo release requests

The Scotsman – Life of house arrest awaits Guantanamo detainees on return to UK: Mr Brown last week formally requested that the US release the five men from its controversial Cuban detention camp. The Pentagon accuses the five of terrorism, but has refused to make public the intelligence it says justifies their captivity.

Well, that’s ultra-double-secret-probation for you!

Note – To avoid a charge of bias, I’m going to skew content as far to the right as I dare… here’s one article in favour of release and two articles opposing it. I’m sure your heart will warm to the exclusivity of the latter opinion.

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Well said

Chicken Yoghurt – In the vanguard of a new cultural revolution: The BBC clearly have much to learn from a Tory propagandist and a blogger whose stock in trade is third-rate gossip, homophobia and censorship.

Actually, I thought at least one repeat of the anthem footage was well in order; (a) it’s the only thing he’s famous for and (b) it clearly shows that he’s a man willing to bluff his way through life.

The BBC are making a mistake by acknowledging this bitching… especially as they are dealing with two biased hypocrites who refuse to admit to their own failings.

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Visiting the Camp for Climate Action

I dropped by to visit the Camp for Climate Action with Sunny yesterday. A short photo report follows below the fold.

Continue reading

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Yo kids, this is the Hotniss (for real)

Stand back, kids…. the Tories have gone ‘street’ with a new video via Asabailey [*no they haven’t]. In fact, they’re so with-it that they’re down with their own YouTube profile; ‘smokedbadger’. (Tch. Someone really should have warned them that made-up names on YouTube, no matter how cool they may be, are not all that cool right now.)

What’s with the ‘hotniss.com watermark? Hotniss is was a short-lived ‘viral’ video-sharing site. Is this a borrowed item? Some strange yet authentic public-domain item? Left-overs?

UPDATE – [*Heh. I should have remembered that name… it’s an ‘unofficial’ offering. File it under ‘meh’.]

UPDATE – Bite my tongue, it just became interesting again…. or at least instructive. Check out this video response from this user. Regulars should know what to look for by now.

UPDATE (17 Aug) – Well, someone’s had a word… the original video has been removed and replaced with a new version that does not include the Conservatives’ logo. All I can add to this right now is that Asa, the creator, has denied picking a YouTube fight with himself.

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All in good time, m’lad

The Times – This is the story of two brothers who worked for the British: one is dead, the other fears for his life: Mohammad’s body was found dumped in wasteland on the outskirts of Basra. His killers had burnt cigarettes into his back, broken one of his hands and legs and shot him three times in the head and twice in the chest. His crime: to have worked as an interpreter for the British in Iraq…

Via Justin, who also reminds me to say:

1. Watch the video.
2. Write to your MP.
3. Let us know if you get a response.
4. Sign the petition
5. Join the list of supporters.

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Support the troops

Let them speak.

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