Is Navigor a BNP front?

Poons would like you to help him find out.

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Stuff to chew on

Old people don’t like it up ‘em vs. young people don’t have it in ‘em.

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This. Lots.

Alan Johnston banner

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Heartily seconded

Chicken Yoghurt – Strangely Browne

Still busy. With you shortly.

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[Too] busy doing something about it to blog about it…

so here’s Dave with a thought or two. See you soon, folks.

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Lives are at stake… let’s grab a few votes!

I’ve seen some shocking effrontery from the local Tories in the past… but this little stunt takes the cake, chews it up and spits it back out in your face.

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Paul Uppal – can he be trusted?

Tory blogger in comment censorship shock.

Gosh, I wonder where Paul Uppal got the idea that it was OK to delete negative comments from his blog and then lie his arse off about it? Maybe Praguetory – the author of the majority of the (few) remaining comments – has an idea.

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Iain Dale’s Dairy

The new Iain Dale microsite is now live… come and chew some cud with us!

Of particular interest is this static article, which gets to the guts of the anonymous bullying issue everybody is (finally) talking about.

This measure should keep the majority Dale/Staines material off the front page of Bloggerheads, but key items will be brought to your attention here from time to time.

Cheers all.

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HP Sauce

Having seen this recent post on the subject of conduct over at Harry’s Place, I thought that this blast from the past deserved a mention.


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The loudest shouters

Jonathan Freedland – The blogosphere risks putting off everyone but point-scoring males: Predictably, Wales and O’Reilly have now felt the wrath of the blogosphere themselves, their idea torched by net users who detected an assault on their free speech… Yet it would be a mistake to dismiss Wales and O’Reilly too quickly. Their specific remedy might not be sound, but they are right to see a problem. Nor is this some techie issue, of interest only to a few hardcore web nerds… Ah, but this free-for-all is democratic, say the devotees. Any change would be censorship. But imagine that public meeting. Would that constitute a democratic debate, or a shouting match in which the loudest, most intimidating voice wins? Surely the more democratic encounter is the meeting properly chaired, allowing everyone their say and ensuring no descent into bar-room brawl. That’s certainly how we operate in the real world, so why should the virtual realm be any different?

Imagine that public meeting he mentions with debates being ‘won’ by one or two loud and intimidating individuals, each cleverly disguised as a dozen loud and intimidating individuals and you stand a good chance of coming to grips with the current problem.

The new Iain Dale microsite should be ready to roll tomorrow. Three static articles for newcomers need to be fine-tuned first and, yes, one of them deals with this matter specifically.

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