Guido Fawkes, the BNP, and ruthless pragmatism


Paul Delaire/Delarie Staines has requested that I publish one of his emails so his immediate response is available before what appeared above spreads from blog to blog to blog without it. I’ve included the correspondence that surrounded the single email he requested in order to provide the full and proper context.

I am happy to afford ‘Guido Fawkes’ this right of reply, and I’m sure that the multi-faceted irony will be appreciated by many readers of his weblog:

Paul Staines: Presumably you are unaware of the lengthy written retraction concerning that article by the journalist David Rose. Please take that down instantly.

Tim Ireland: Perhaps you would care to print it, then.

Paul Staines: I will have it to hand tomorrow Tim and provide it to you and all concerned with pleasure. Currently I am with my parents celebrating my birthday and the retraction is in my office. For your information the Observer most recently put the story to me recently, checked the retraction with David Rose and consequently did not run anything. Journalists usually check with the subject. I will be contacting LexisNexis to have the article removed as well. Presumably when the print archive was OCR’d the story was re-uploaded. We have our disagreements, but this is in a different league. You are making a mistake, presumably not maliciously, but it is still a mistake.

Tim Ireland: I have things to do today, too, Paul. I look forward to seeing the retraction and will happily react in a fair manner once I’ve done so. As I said on Bloggerheads, you have the right to explain yourself. At least, on my blog you do.

Paul Staines: Tim it is physically impossible for me to get that to you before tomorrow. When you see the retraction you will be embarrassed. I was fighting the BNP. The journalist concerned accepted that. Tim you are as aware of the laws as well as I am. It would be prudent to take it down pending sight of the retraction. You can then make an informed judgement. I am willing to accept it is a mistake now, if you don’t take it down after being put on notice it could be construed as a malicious libel particularly in the context of your campaign. Give it 24 hours Tim, you might save us both a lot of grief.

For the record, the department of the Guardian that could confirm the existence of the alleged retraction won’t be available until 11am tomorrow, so I’m giving Paul 25 hours.

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The Liar Returns

“Sorry, I am new to editing Wikipedia and didn’t know of the existence of this page until tonight.” – Iain Dale

Iain Dale’s editing history on Wikipedia tells a different story. Iain (the liar) first created a login on 30 April 2006, and it’s pretty obvious that he was aware of his Wikipedia page before now… because he spent an entire afternoon perfecting it 9 months ago:

Also Noteworthy: Nssdfdsfds, the editor who went in to bat for Iain Dale yesterday (and today) first stopped by to correct Anne Milton’s entry by describing me as a ‘left-wing activist’ (and bodging the job) before swiftly moving on to this and many other edits relating to Iain’s entry.

Am I allowed to stroke my beard again?

PS – How interesting… a name appears before my eyes… familiar yet extended: Paul Delaire Staines. Have fun with it.

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Charlotte’s Web: The Movie

Just seen it. Can’t fault it.

Take the kids… and a box of tissues.

The rather top-heavy official site is here, but my advice is that you avoid it for now (i.e. I’m glad I went in not knowing too much about who did which voice… this can be very distracting).

UPDATE – Hahahahahahaha! Please, don’t click this until after you’ve seen it.

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Guido’s anonymous bullies in action

This time, my navel is an innocent bystander… take a look at these antics.

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Iain Dale: no heart, no brains, no courage

I may have mentioned before that I’m not a big fan of cats; by and large, they’re selfish, mean little buggers and they have a bad habit of jumping over my fence, crapping in my yard, and then running off.

Most of Iain’s and Paul’s bullies act like this (and the worst offender so far has been Jackie, who was kind enough to publish libel on other people’s weblogs before running away).

Last night, Iain took a step beyond his usual trick of allowing (or creating) anonymous comments to smear me. Now, instead of just letting what he knows to be outright lies stand without challenge, he is deleting my challenges to them!

A screengrab of just such a comment, a fair and concise response that never saw the light of day, is here (as you may have guessed, the related link points readers to the comment exchange under this post).

I could point to many examples of anonymous bullies on Iain Dale’s website making claims that simply don’t stand up, but (paranoia warning) currently, permalinks to individual comments on Iain’s site don’t work; they are broken (another of life’s happy little accidents).

Funnily enough, Iain Dale uses similar dirty tricks on his pissy little television show; he will often cut guests off and insist that they back up or qualify one statement or another, but he himself is allowed to make claims with no foundation, and he rarely gets called on these because he’s the host. (On the rare occasions he *does* get called on these, look for the sudden appearance of the words; “Moving on…”)

Iain Dale, abuser of power and wannabe MP, does this a *lot*. Dig though the video archives, watch, learn… and think twice before entering his den.

One baseless claim he made (and got away with) on his show was that I am a ‘nihilist’. He then denied saying it, and has made no comment since being called on the baseless smear, and the outright lie.

And he’s *still* at it today, playing the victim, playing the expert/upstanding blogger, and publishing (and not challenging) a series of anonymous comments about me being the smearer and the abuser of power (speaking of such things, I can’t *wait* to see the 18 Tory Street appearance that Caroline speaks of here… apparently I’m a ‘blogging fascist’).

This, ladies and gentlemen, is where we finally stray into the personal.

I’m well and truly ticked off… but some people have difficulty in understanding what it is that I’m most ticked off about:

This ‘blogging expert’ is a disgrace to blogging and his influence on up-and-coming bloggers (especially Tories) is clear. The more people who follow his example and that of Paul Staines, the more crap there is going to be in my back yard… and yours.

To help make this point, and to make clear that I’ve made this point to Iain Dale, I’m going to publish in full* the email I sent to Iain in the early hours of this morning.

(*An unrelated ‘PS’ has been removed; you’d need to read two or three other emails to understand its meaning anyway.)

—– Original Message —–
From: Tim Ireland
To: Iain Dale
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 1:47 AM
Subject: For the human being that lurks somewhere inside of you

While you’re busy playing the victim (i.e. while you’re ‘in the zone’), just imagine for a second what it would be like to be a gay candidate and have this gang of fuck-heads messing with you:

They’re one of your lot, too…. approved by Head Office:

Take a look at how close their techniques are to Paul’s…

and yours*:

*This still applies even if you don’t write the defences/trolls yourself. You hide behind them and/or use them as weapons on a regular basis. And if you don’t reign the bullies in, they’re your bullies. You own them. Here’s a small example for you to follow (best I could find at short notice)… see comments:

The longer you keep this shit up and ponce about as a very poor example, the more damage you do and the more common this kind of thing becomes.

Now, perhaps, you will understand why you have finally managed to make me angry… especially when you insist that you are the victim of a smear/attack.

You, Iain, are the potential father of countless smears and attacks.

Wake the fuck up.


I think it goes without saying that there’s been no reply. Iain Dale either doesn’t get it, or doesn’t care.

UPDATE – Well said. Thank you.: Paul, I don’t think it is a row about nothing. Iain insulted Tim on 18 Tory Street and then point-blank lied about it when challenged. And there’s been no apology and no withdrawal of the spurious accusation. Tim has an online reputation and Iain has attempted to damage it with an unjustifiable smear. He’s been caught bang to rights but he refuses to even acknowledge it, never mind offer an apology. Instead, he’s doing everything he can to hide the truth of what he’s done from his readers. This ties into the wider point. I’m all for the free flow of information and ideas. It’s another reasons why I started blogging. I’m not all for the right to gratuitously smear/insult/rubbish people who ask awkward questions. The latter, it seems to me, damages the ability of the blo****ere to do the former.

UPDATE – I just tripped over this. Read the post and the comment. Try to act surprised.

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Illustrative interventions

No formal reply from Iain Dale after I outed him as a liar, but I think – give the content of this fresh post and this one – that the message is pretty clear.

Also, after weeks of being called every name under the sun by a series of mostly anonymous right-wing ratbags, today – via comments and email – I suddenly find myself blessed with constructive input from a number of ‘first-time’ Tory contributors who have the temerity to suggest that it is time for me to start playing nice.

Sorry, but I’m not having it.

An apology, Iain. Today, please.

And one for Justin too, if you’d be so kind.

(Psst! An illuminating exchange starting here for you folks to enjoy. The main point raised is much the same as this one.)

UPDATE – Oh, you’re going to *love* this… check out the comments. The man has no shame.

(Psst! Yes, this entry is about Iain and this entry is about Iain. The proof – if you feel you need it – is here. Hey, I tried to be nice.)

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Nick Boles: if you *really* want to be Mayor of London…

Two days ago I highlighted the fact that Nick Boles has been caught using Policy Exchange as an administrative base for a personal website with a clear party-political purpose and asked you lot to get in touch with him about that… and since then, nobody has heard a damn thing back from the man.

One would think that if the defence that has so far only been made anonymously (quite likely by someone using the Policy Exchange web server) is solid – i.e. that Nick Boles is only guilty of “(using) his office computer to register a website” – then Nick Boles would have responded with this defence himself… but he hasn’t.

There are three possible reasons for this lack of response (and any that do apply may overlap):

1. Nick Boles does not regard this particular use of Policy Exchange facilities (to pursue a personal and party-political objective) to be relevant.

2. Nick Boles does not regard the appearance of the related evidence on a website to be damaging (i.e. like his uppers in the Conservative Party, he doesn’t see the point in addressing any given matter until there’s a significant level of noise in the mainstream media).

3. Nick Boles has used the resources of Policy Exchange to do more than just register a few domain names.

Now, dear reader, I want you for a moment to imagine that you are the Mayor of London:

You are in charge of a great deal of public money, and can direct, influence or develop many resources that are paid for out of the public purse.

Your job description is pretty straightforward; acting in the public interest, you have to manage said money and resources in an effective/efficient manner for the duration of your term.

The ‘for the duration of your term’ bit is far more important than it looks; you not only have to act properly, you must fastidiously avoid any appearance of impropriety… as the latter could be your undoing at the hands of one rival or another, thereby stuffing up the management side of things (while you scramble to keep your job and/or valuable time and money is wasted finding a permanent replacement).

That is why, if you were running for Mayor, and you were ‘only’ guilty of using your office computer to register a domain name for a personal website with a clear party-political purpose, you would no longer enjoy my support.

Now, enough about you… let’s get back to Nicholas “Call me Nick!” Boles.

I’d much rather be out playing in the snow, but I think that now is a good time for me to finally write my email to Nick, which appears in full below:

From: Tim Ireland
To: Nick Boles
CC: Iain Dale; Jeffrey Archer; David Cameron

Dear Nick,

I’m concerned that your silence on the matter of using Policy Exchange as an administrative base for a few domain names may signal that this is not the first, and not the worst, of such ‘oversights’.

This concern is twofold:

– If this matter is not indicative of your general conduct, then – in my opinion – your remaining silent on the matter does you more harm than good.

– If this matter *is* indicative of your general conduct, then I should warn you that I’m a curious little dickens and I will quite likely be digging for more, and I won’t be alone… especially after about 8pm last night, when results like this started going live:

In the highly unlikely event that the latter is the case, I wish to offer you some advice, using a hypothetical situation for purposes of education and illumination:

If, for example, you have been using Policy Exchange staff, premises and/or facilities to arrange and/or conduct meetings purely for the purposes of research for your intended candidacy, I advise that you:

1. Stop now.

2. Erase any record of related correspondence and/or meetings before a formal investigation begins:

a) For email, you will first need to sweeten your IT team with an afternoon jolly or a similar incentive; only well-motivated individuals with great technical expertise (and perhaps the occasional unfortunate ‘first day’ intern) have the rare ability to erase data so completely that no trace remains.

b) Appointment diaries may be slightly trickier; if you feel you need to create a new set of diaries to replace the old ones, I suggest that you approach Jeffrey Archer for some thoughts on pitfalls to avoid. Jeffrey may also have some advice on the level of scrutiny one can expect when running for Mayor of London.

c) Of course, this would still leave you with the small problem of correspondence that has left your network, and the possibly-quite-inconvenient recollections of individuals who have received such correspondence. If this looks like it might become an issue, you may want to contact the Russian embassy in London for further assistance.


Tim Ireland

I’ll let you know if anyone gets back to me. If you like, you can chip in yourself by clicking here. Cheers all.

UPDATE (21 Feb) – Bloggerheads – Nick Boles steps down! (Nothin’ to do with me, Guv’nor…)

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Iain Dale is a lying liar

New Statesman – Justin McKeating: Not Bright’s Blog III – Guido j’accuse!: Self-styled blogging guru and Tory A-lister, Iain Dale, described Tim as a ‘nihilist’ on his 18 Doughty Street webTV show. Now, at this point it’s necessary for me to declare my interest (this is how it’s done Mr Dale). Tim Ireland is a personal friend of mine. That might make me biased, but taking a look at the various campaigns that Tim has run over the past few years in order to foster positive political engagement – building blogs for MPs, organising tactical voting campaigns and protesting against the Parliament Square protest ban – and ‘nihilist’ is the last word you would use to describe him.

I’ve highlighted this passage in particular for two reasons:

1. Iain Dale could use a little coaching in declaration of interests.

2. Iain Dale has denied describing me as a nihilist (and I think we can expect him to repeat that denial now this article exists).

—– Original Message —–
From: Tim Ireland
Sent: 16 January 2007 18:25
To: Iain Dale
Subject: Re: “The power of blogging flows from directly connecting with the readers…
> This just in: “Iain Dale said you were a ‘nihilist’ on 18DS last night”
> So you see fit to rubbish/dismiss me on your show, but not mention the issue on
> your weblog where your hypocrisy can be highlighted.
> Figures; all mouth and no trousers.
> Tim

—– Original Message —–
From: Iain Dale
To: ‘Tim Ireland’
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 6:44 PM
Subject: RE: “The power of blogging flows from directly connecting with the readers…
> I never said anything of the sort. Seeing as until I just looked it up I hadn’t got a
> fucking clue what a nihilist is, I’m hardly likely to call you one, am I?
> You fight your own battles with Mr Fawkes. I’m really not interested in participating.

Tch. Such language from a man who objects to use of ‘the C-word’.

I am now about to prove that Iain Dale is a liar… a big, fat liar. A liar, liar, liar with his lying pants on fire.

And I can say that he is a liar as often as I like… because he lied to me!

He’s a liar!

(Heh. This is fun.)

If you wish, you can access the relevant discussion via the Fox News Lite link below:

Blogger TV (15/01/2007): Iain Dale discusses the issues of the week that has got the blogging world excited. Iain Dale is joined by Devil’s Kitchen, Labour MP Nick Palmer, Mark Pack of, blogging MP Richard Spring and James Oates of Originally aired on 15/01/2007.

The 18DoughtyStreet website currently forces many web users to sit through videos from start to finish, so if you have the patience for it, you can sit through the whole programme and gawp in wonder as the pretentious twat gasps that Tom Watson has been blogging for a long time… “even longer than me!”

Or, you can take a short-cut straight to the this audio file of the relevant exchange.

Here, much to Iain’s annoyance, James Oates names my “comprehensive demolition” of Guido Fawkes as his blog of the week. James then goes on to say:

“(Guido) is a nihilist, effectively… and I really think that’s what Tim Ireland is pointing out…”

Then Iain Dale interjects with this:

“Well isn’t Tim Ireland one as well?”

Now technically, it could be argued that Iain was merely asking if I was a nihilist; not stating a fact, merely asking a question… but let’s pop back to Iain’s denial, less than 24 hours later:

“I never said anything of the sort. Seeing as until I just looked it up I hadn’t got a fucking clue what a nihilist is, I’m hardly likely to call you one, am I?”

But Iain did say something of that exact sort, and any reference to the dictionary would have been completely surplus to requirements because he threw the same word back in a guest’s face just the night before!

Iain Dale, you lied to me.

Iain Dale, you insulted me.

I want you to apologise on air, tonight if possible. Please make your apology sincere, to camera, and do try not to bury it in the tail end of a programme.

I would also like you to apologise on your weblog… and when you do so, I’d like it to appear without any warm-up suggesting that I’m a foul-mouthed conspiracy loon.

Remember that – if you are unable to put forward a decent case proving that I’m a nihilist – that you need to apologise for the lie and the insult.

Get to it. Liar.

UPDATE (6:36pm) – Hey, kids! Be the first on your block to have an ‘Iain Dale is a liar’ button on your weblog!

UPDATE (8:30pm) – Over 3 hours later and not a word from Iain Dale. And he’s got the night off, too. I’m still dumbstruck that the lie was such a bold one. If he’d pulled up short at denying that he’d said it, he could simply have claimed that he forgot saying it… but most people don’t forget the meaning of a word overnight without a major head injury.

PS – I think it goes without saying that if he tries to squirm his way out of it and insult me (again) at the same time, I’m going to be just a little bit upset.

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A little dead-tree love

New Statesman – Justin McKeating: Not Bright’s Blog III – Guido j’accuse!


More on this soon… first, I need to direct your attention to the Guido 2.0 weblog, and this entry in particular, before working on some extras for later this afternoon.

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Oh, great….

… so now I have to take on David Icke?

(Original can be seen here.)

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