The possible need to state the bleeding obvious

OK, quick show of hands. Who here doesn’t understand what ‘Jim Doyle’ is up to?

UPDATE – I just left this comment on the site. It was deleted within minutes: “Jim, we’ve explained this in public, and we’ve explained it in private. Let me make this absolutely clear: we do not think it is a good idea. In fact we would consider what you propose to be incredibly counter-productive. It’s a mystery to us why you insist on continuing.”

Jim is now busy making comments at sites that have linked to Backing Blair, urging them to join his ‘backing’ Backing Blair campaign. All we need now is a backwards backtracking half-baked back-bacon Backing Blair campaign and the circle will be complete.

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Energy to burn

Tut. Tut. Tut. Why can’t they spend their time doing sometime *constructive*? Do none of these people have jobs? (And so on and so forth.)

PS – Libyans! Run for it, Marty!

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Is Gareth Davies a Labour stooge?

Unless you suffer from severe short-term memory loss, you’re likely to remember this post from yesterday identifying a Bloggerheads visitor that appeared to be viewing the site from inside Labour HQ.

The person using this IP address visited again yesterday. They viewed one page using this IP address. At 21:43 GMT.

Someone’s working late.

Now, you’ll have to excuse me from about this point on, as I’m a tad confused.

Y’see, I was under the impression that IP addresses were rather unique things. But another Bloggerheads reader by the name of Will (cheers Will) noticed something rather odd…

Further Googling of the IP revealed a post to a messageboard from Dec 12 2004 using this IP address and when the profile of that poster told us it was a guy by the name of Ben Coffman from London whose job involved political research, I figured we had our man.

Hell, a press release dated 14 Dec 2004 on this page urges people seeking more information on the ID cards bill to contact “Ben Coffman in the Labour Party Policy Unit.”

So that’s Ben Coffman, core Labour policy guy, works at their head office. IP address:

Ben is one of many people from Labour HQ who use IPs in the range from –

Now I wish to pause for a moment to introduce you to a couple of Labour councillors.

Meet Bob Piper. He’s a Labour councillor. I mention him only by way of example. Just to show you that independent thought is still permitted within the Labour party (for now) and you shouldn’t expect slavish support for every one of Tony Blair’s policies from every Labour councillor you come across.

Now I’d like you to meet Gareth Davies. He is also a Labour councillor. He is less than happy with Backing Blair and says in this post that people like me should be regulated.

Why? Because, he says: “It’s about having open accountable elections. That means knowing who’s placing adverts and running campaigns, and who’s paying for them. All I ask is that if a site wants to campaign for a particular vote at an election, or against a political vote, it should have a declaration of who publishes it, on whose behalf, who pays the bills, and that it should be a criminal offence to make false statements about who the publisher is, and about the source of the money to pay the bills.”

Now we get to the important bit…

We cannot assume that Gareth Davies would take umbrage at Backing Blair just because he’s a Labour councillor.

We also need to note that he believes that people have the right to know where their information is coming from.

Got all that? OK, let’s get to the meat…

There’s a chap who posts many a message to the Black and Ambers forum. He goes by the name Exilegareth and you can see some of his posts by clicking here. Click on his profile and you’ll see that this is the very same Gareth we’ve come to know and love. The clincher is that link to in the profile.

Now, the Black and Amber forums are of a type that notes the IP address used for each post. Looking at Gareth’s entries, we see a variety of IP addresses. One reveals that he uses BT Broadband. Sometimes. Another reveals that he uses Telewest. Sometimes.

But if we look deeper we see – during the period of September and October 2004 – several posts by Gareth Davies using the IP address

IP address used by Labour HQ chap:
IP address used by Gareth Davies:

Now, I’m not much of an Interwebs mechanic, so do correct me if I’m wrong… but I can only think of five things that would explain this strange match of data:

1. The IP address has been reassigned between October and December – and by pure chance it was assigned to someone else with an interest in Bloggerheads.

2. The Labour Party provides internet access for their employees/members/councillors and IP addresses are somehow randomised and/or shared – and Gareth Davies and Ben Coffman have both used this facility for private purposes.

3. There is a hot-desk or semi-public computer (or group of same) at Labour HQ that has been used by both Gareth Davies and Ben Coffman – for private purposes.

4. This range of IP addresses is used not only by the head office in London, but also Labour’s regional offices. This still places Gareth Davies very close to the core campaign team as he has been inside that office. And appears to feel ‘at home’ enough to use these facilities for private purposes.

5. Gareth Davies was working at a desk inside Labour HQ sometime during Sep-Oct 2004. And he used the computer at that desk for private purposes.

If it’s options 3, 4 or 5, then I think I can be excused for telling Gareth that he might want to shut up about the voter’s right to know where their information is coming from.

So, would anybody care to venture an alternative scenario? Is there a technical aspect I’m missing here?

Gareth? Would you care to explain why your IP address appears to match one coming from the Labour campaign team?

UPDATE – It’s Option No. 4, folks! Gareth is a Labour councillor *and* he’s employed by the Labour Party in a regional party call-centre. How this colours his argument that his main concern regarding BB is for democracy rather than for the Labour Party, I’ll leave up to you.

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UK sliding towards police state shock

I am amazed that this appeared in a Murdoch newspaper…

Simon Jenkins – Conspiring in torture, betraying our freedom. Charles Clarke is a disaster: Neither the Prime Minister nor the Home Secretary have shown any contrition for the deceptive Iraq intelligence dossiers. Now they are inviting the agencies which wrote them free rein to deprive British citizens of their freedom. The deprivation will be indefinitely renewable, as will the law itself.. And there is worse to come. The control orders will be based not just on British intelligence but also on American, which means from the interrogation camps of Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo. Last year the Court of Appeal gave a ruling of astonishing naivety. It allowed the Home Secretary to detain people without trial on the basis of intelligence gained overseas by torture, so long as British agents were not doing the torturing. Perhaps the court thought the idea hypothetical.


Bloggerheads readers from overseas can read this article in full here (cheers, Voidstar).

Please note that the author’s contact details appear under both versions of this article. I would urge you to get in touch with him today and say something positive. This man deserves to be encouraged.

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Girl with boobs has ‘opinion’ #342

Today, Page 3 lovely Peta (18, from Essex) backs Tony Blair’s call for Ken Livingstone to apologise over his ‘anti-Jewish’ remarks (Boris Johnson, BTW, has a slightly different view). She says: “I found his comments totally abhorrent. As Mayor of London he should be setting a good example. If he won’t apologise he should be forced to give up his leadership.”

Hmmm. Won’t apologise… should be forced to give up his leadership… that rings bells for some strange reason.

UPDATE – Ah, good. I’m not alone.

UPDATE – Ooh, look – there goes another one.

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IP address fun

Yes. I am paranoid. And I have delusions of grandeur.

Here’s something inneresting from my Bloggerheads stats for February: (18 pages, last visit 09 Feb 2005 – 11:44)

See if you can guess (before you click) what this IP reveals.

More IP fun tommorow, kids.

PS – My email has been playing up all afternoon. I think Martians are to blame. If you’ve sent me something since midday, I’ve been unable to retrieve it.

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I miss Douglas

Amazon is hosting the new Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trailer. Enjoy.

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Hello Labour Party peeps!

“One more chance” says wife-beater Blair. Heh. I suspect this may be an ugly metaphor. There is no suggestion that Tony actually beats Cherie. Making such a claim would be more than a little bit silly.

I’ve yet to process the full BB logs (we may not have the resources for this until next week) but when I take a close look at the Bloggerheads stats for this month, I spy the IP address (70 pages accessed, last page accessed 15 Feb 2005 at 10:48am). Here’s why this matters.

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And Blair will say: now is not the time to go digging up the past…

Independent – British troops face new charges as bodies of Iraqi civilians are exhumed: Charges against British troops are believed to be imminent following fresh allegations of crimes committed in Iraq, including cases relating to the deaths of civilians. Army investigators have exhumed the bodies of civilians who were allegedly shot dead by soldiers in the British-controlled region of southern Iraq for investigators to perform forensic tests. Their reports are in the final legal stages with the Army Prosecuting Authority. The Independent has uncovered evidence relating to the deaths of six Iraqi civilians whose families claim they were killed by British troops. Two of the cases are being considered by the Army Prosecuting Authority and are expected to result in charges. It is not known whether British troops will face any charges in relation to the other cases but the Government is believed to be considering claims for compensation from the families.

If you read further, you’ll see that compensation for the accidental/unlawful death of a family member goes about as high as 800 squid if you’re an Iraqi.

Obviously compensation levels can’t be higher than this, otherwise Iraqis would be throwing women and children into firefights and under passing tanks in the hope of cashing in.

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Special project

Can any Bloggerheads readers that also read lots and lots of books please make themselves known? I may have an interesting project for you.

UPDATE – Cheers all. More than enough. I’ll be in touch with some of you today.

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