Iain Dale: once again condemned by his own words

No response from Shane Greer yet.

No response from CCHQ yet.

No response from Paul Staines and his tax lawyer, either.

But at least Iain Dale has responded to this…. and if you have the stomach to watch him hiding behind his sock-puppets as they play the man, click here for confirmation that he *does* approve of such attacks on his site because, in his words; “[The attacks on John Hirst] are fair comment. Jailhouselawyer calls me far worse on his blog. If he can’t take it he shouldn’t dish it out.”

1. So what’s changed in the last year and a bit, Iain?

Iain Dale (Jan 7, 2007): “Verity and Jailhouselawyer, take your stupid fight elsewhere. No more of it here. All future comments attacking each other will be deleted.”

2. Fair comment? You what? (See: #4)

3. Iain will often retreat into the language of the playground. All that’s missing from my personal collection of comebacks is “I am rubber and you are glue…”

4. Iain Dale claims here that John Hirst has called him something worse than an unrepentant killer and benefit cheat with a dodgy degree. Do correct me if I’m wrong, but unless he can find something to back it up, that’s libel isn’t it?

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Share the love

You are invited to share this video with a creationist. (via)

You are invited to share this video with a Bush supporter. (via)

Actually, things being what they are (NSFW audio), in most cases you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.

If you crave more video goodness check out this feature on Barely Political’s productions over at Matt’s.

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Keep on the sunny side

Sydney Morning Herald – Ads to woo British more sledge than sweet talk: Australia is to launch an aggressive campaign aimed at attracting a new generation of British immigrants. The ads for the South Australian Government include slogans such as “Sod London house prices” and “Screw working in Staines, hello Adelaide”. Bill Muirhead, an Adelaide-born partner in the M & C Saatchi ad firm in London, and agent-general for South Australia, said he was aware the campaign might create enemies. “It might appear we are being rude, but a lot of things in Britain aren’t good,” he told The Times. “We went for Staines because it sounds nasty.”

Well, I can’t argue with that last point, but otherwise they can go screw themselves; I love it here.

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On the subject of stolen images

The Great Architect tells the tale of his struggle to protect his property… and also reveals something quite surprising about News International.

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No response from Shane Greer yet.

No response from CCHQ yet.

But, thankfully, the creepy emails from a well-known right-wing blogger who shall remain nameless (for now) calling me a ‘nutter’ *and* threatening to somehow source my ex-directory number and call me at home have dried up.

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Paul Staines unwittingly sparks another 80s weekend

The last time Paul Staines (aka ‘Guido Fawkes’) went charging around with threats of lawsuits, several bloggers took it upon themselves to take a closer look at his past.

Well, stuff me steadily if it’s not happening again:

Richard Bartholomew – The Libertarian Right and Southern African in the 1980s: Some Brief Notes

The Yorkshire Ranter – Mirrorball: Paul Staines and those “Liberals”


Let’s play some more music while Paul has a little think about that…

Artists United Against Apartheid – Sun City

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Sadiq Khan: something’s bugging me

[Psst! Iain has finally fixed his comment permalinks! Hurray! And it only took the better part of a year for him to add a single letter to his design template.]

1. Iain Dale blogs about the bugging of Sadiq Khan when visiting a constituent in prison.

2. John Hirst, who has some experience and expertise relating to all sorts of laws and how they apply to prisoners, offers his input.

3. Hirst’s reward is to be taunted, maligned, and accused of benefit fraud.

4. And Iain Dale allows it. OK, so his new rules on comment moderation allow him a little leeway, but I’m seeing plenty here that “could be contrued [sic] as libellous” and – regardless – it’s a shitty way to treat a guest.

5. John Hirst has blogged about this latest Dale-hosted attack on him here, and I’ll be leaving a comment of support in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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A question for MessageSpace

[Psst! Arrving late to the party? Read this first.]

Over at LabourHome, some points are being raised regarding Alex Hilton and Jag Singh (who are involved in MessageSpace and LabourHome) about their relationship with Paul Staines. People are also asking why LabourHome should bother linking to Paul Staines’ right-wing gossip-rag and pseudo-blog (the ‘Guido Fawkes’ site).

1. Paul Staines replies by addressing the latter point only and says; “If you close your eyes you won’t see me, but you will be worse off.”

Not entirely in keeping with his past position that – if you don’t like something – you should merely look the other way. And dropping a link from a blogroll is not the same as ignoring a blog. A minor point, but I make no apology for leading with it because (and here’s the real point) that’s all Staines had to say on the matter.


2. Alex Hilton does try to address the matter of relationships (this is not a question he can afford to dodge in a Dale-like manner on his own turf). He states here that his involvement with MessageSpace “is semi-detatched these days,” and also says here that; “This article is the first time I have heard of Guido suing Tim. What for? I don’t know and can’t really be bothered to look into it.”

Well, Alex may not feel the need to investigate this, but someone involved with MessageSpace (other than Staines) should take the time. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

3. Matt Wardman, a sane and sensible chap to whom I am loosely acquainted, also chips in with this; “Most of the relationships in the “complex” don’t compromise anyone. In particular I’d suggest that Jas S, Mike R and Alex H (and Chris M – the Devil – who you don’t mention) are quite able to separate professional IT (MS + MS Creative) work from political arguments, I’d make the same comment re: Guido where business is concerned. They wouldn’t bother to waste the time and take the risk of confusing the two.” (emphasis mine)

Well, I have some doubts about that myself, but with lawyers on the loose, I can’t really say anything without proof.

[dramatic pause]

So it’s a good thing that I have some proof to back my doubts, isn’t it?

I really didn’t want to do this, but it’s become clear now that I have no choice…

If you read my side of the correspondence with Donal Blaney, you will note that – even though the ‘evidence’ presented by Staines relates specifically to the image/animation uploaded to the servers of MessageSpace – the threatened complaint relates specifically to images that were not. It should be clear that a concerted effort is being made to keep MessageSpace out of it.

The only problem is that the IP address used by Staines (posting as ‘Object of Obsession’) to launch his legal threats ( belongs to a range assigned to these serviced offices in Clerkenwell.

The address of that building is 1 Sekforde Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0BE

This is also the registered address for MessageSpace / EOS Online Media Ltd

So, my question to Jag Singh (Chief Information Officer for MessageSpace and by all reports a good egg) is this:

To what extent are the resources of MessageSpace / EOS Online Media Ltd being used to pursue this campaign of harassment and would you care to make a statement regarding same?

[Folks, I really don’t want to jeopardise the income MessageSpace provides for many bloggers… but if MessageSpace is also in the business of blogger harassment, I think people have a right to know what they might be contributing to when they host MessageSpace banners on their site. Oh, and please be careful under comments on this site and on your own blog. So far, all I have is an IP address telling me that Staines was in the same building as MessageSpace when he submitted these two key comments to my site, not necessarily the same office.]

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Of course, other people have their own views…

Do you remember Shane Greer, who filled in for Iain Dale on his blog for a while?

Well, he’s decided to post this objective piece.

And just when I thought this afternoon was going to be a wash-out*.

(*I’ve not received any email from Staines or Blaney at all today. Not a whisper. How jolly it is of them to want to leave this hanging over the weekend.)

UPDATE (2 Feb) – Link to Shane Greer article corrected/updated. Shane Greer migrated to WordPress over the past day, and the location of this article changed as a result. This migration may also be the reason why Shane Greer has yet to publish my response under comments on his website.

UPDATE (2 Feb) – Yes, it was migration complications to blame. I missed whatever period the original attempts were live for on the old format. Mike Rouse explains here and the thread under Shane Greer’s article is now accepting comments.

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Hotline to a Catch-22

OK, I’ve been making some calls to people like the Legal Complaints Service and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and it’s all terribly complicated, but here’s the situation in a nutshell:

If I wish to complain about a solicitor who, when no actual legal proceedings are taking place, harasses me for data he has no right to, or essentially compels me to hire a lawyer when he knows/thinks that I can’t easily afford one, then first I need to build a case by… hiring a lawyer.

Chewy, huh?

UPDATE – Sorry. Forgot again. Music…

I’m a victim, me:

Moving Pictures – What About Me?

UPDATE – Well said, Unity:

Ministry of Truth – Cry libel! And let slip the dogs of wingnuttery

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