Meet the Rootin Tootin Cowboys

The Rootin Tootin Cowboys discuss Iraq (via). Enjoy:

The Rootin Tootin Cowboys 2 – Iraq

(The Rootin Tootin Cowboys are John Hopkins and Gareth Tunley. And they rock.)

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The Northern Rocky Horror Show

Well, I’m not entirely on board with the politics myself… but this is the best animation from Matt Buck to date, so it gets a link.

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Missile Bases in the Sky!

The Lion Book of War Adventures (1962 Annual)Tch. We’re pathetic, aren’t we?

Almost a decade into the 21st century, and the long-promised flying cars, moving sidewalks, one-size-fits-all silver jumpsuits and cities on the moon continue to elude us.

Remember when we used to dream of a better world for our children?

Remember when seemingly insurmountable challenges fell before our superior technology like nine-pins as we strode into the future as masters of our destiny?

And where are we now?

I’ll tell you where we are now… we’re up shit-creek without a paddle.

According to the 1962 Lion Book of War Adventures (first printed in 1961), our technology and even our approach to war has now been rendered obsolete by the future of the past.

Look on in horror and cower in fear as I present this special report on Missile Bases in the Sky!

(In the f’kin *SKY*, people!!!)

Lion Book of War Adventures 1962: Missile Bases in the Sky! 1 of 6

[———- fold ———-]

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My submission to the Home Office for the public consultation on SOCPA

It’s finished… and just in time.

My submission to the Home Office in response to the Government’s consultation document on Sections 132 to 138 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 is a slide show in video format and appears below along with the email sent to the Home Office and a full transcript (complete with linky goodness in key places for newbies).

In short, the entire submission has been made available to the public.

Grab yourself a coffee or a nice hot cup of tea and settle in for a little over 7 minutes of me sharing a few things the Home Office – and you – should be aware of:

SOCPA (a submission to the Home Office)

To: The Home Office
From: Tim Ireland
Subject: My submission to the public consultation on SOCPA

Hello, good people at Teh Home Office.

As you may or may not be aware, I am one of those people who will take every opportunity he can get to embarrass the government over the many absurdities of Sections 132 – 138 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.

In fact, if it weren’t for this Act, I would be spending a lot less time giving you a hard time.

Happily, at the moment, you are being paid to listen to me… so I beg your kind attention for a mere 7 minutes and 39 seconds.

My submission is in the form of a video slide show that is also available to the public:

A transcript will be made generally available at the following address…

… but I would prefer that you took the time to watch the video presentation:

I’ve been cheeky enough to appeal to your instinct for self-preservation, just in case the many dangers and absurdities of this law fail to have the impact they should, but there is also one very important point that I wish to raise most, and it is contained within the following appeal…

[The final paragraph of this letter is only available at the end of the video slide show.]


Tim Ireland

(Video transcript is below the fold.)

UPDATE – How rude of me. Special mention should go to the tireless efforts of Brian Haw and the genius/persistence of Mark Thomas. I thank them both.

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EXCLUSIVE: Iain Dale’s new design revealed!

Here’s a hint for all developers of weblogs; turn off your pings during the dev process if you don’t want to start turning up in Technorati:

Iain's new 'top secret' design

(Actually, checking Technorati for responses to the dev address itself, I notice that this isn’t quite an exclusive… but, hey, that never stopped Iain before.)

As you can see from this screenshot (the original can be seen for a limited time here), Iain plans to introduce and/or display a prominent set of rules (that Iain may or may not follow himself).

Also, last night Iain said the following regarding his status as an ‘expert’:

“I do not portray myself as an expert on blogging. If others think I know a lot about it and invite me to speak to them, it’s hardly a crime is it.”

And yet the new design clearly shows that a primary page is planned to tout his services as a speaker. Presumably so punters may be aided in their accidental arrival at the conclusion that he knows what he’s talking about.

Finally, just before I get back to my SOCPA submission, I’d like to suggest that if Iain Dale is going to continue to enforce a ‘no links to Bloggerheads’ rule, then this rule should be listed along with all the others. Perhaps under the heading ‘Double Secret Probation’…

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The SOCPA consultation

A useful page for anyone who wishes to respond to the Government’s consultation document on Sections 132 to 138 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (which bans unauthorised protest in the vicinity of Parliament).

The deadline for responses is Thursday (17 January).

See you then.

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Imagine a red light blinking

Uzbekistan’s non-election (via) almost tempted me out into the open… almost.

I’m enjoying my little recharge, and – after a day of catching up on email – I’m going straight back into my cave for a post-hibernation lie-in.

Cheers all.

PS – The thought police are on the loose. Watch your step.

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Terminated… with extreme prejudice

BBC – Benazir Bhutto killed in attack: The attack occurred close to an entrance gate of the park in Rawalpindi where Ms Bhutto had been speaking. Police confirmed reports Ms Bhutto had been shot in the neck and chest before the gunman blew himself up.

Meanwhile, a fiery ray of hope reaches us via the two (currently) top-rated comments at the relevant ‘Have Your Say’ thread:

That’s the way politics works with The Religion of Peace.

[murph73], London, United Kingdom

(Recommended by 214 people)

Religion of Peace strikes agaiin.

Isar G

(Recommended by 173 people)

UPDATE – Well said.

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Tony Blair to ‘do God’ in a new (and totally unexpected) manner

Guardian – After 30 years as a closet Catholic, Blair finally puts faith before politics

Justin McKeating – BREAKING NEWS: Blair anointed Left Footer: It’s official: Tony Blair has converted to Catholicism in time for Christmas… Apparently Blair, when giving his first confession as a Catholic, took with him a crib sheet of his sins to help him remember them. It took six Hercules military transport planes to deliver it.

You may as well add this to the current list of theories:

I reckon the sneaky bugger was waiting until Cherie reached menopause. He is, after all, a five-times-a-night man.

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Decrease the surplus population!

I’m sorry, but contrary to what many right-wing tosspots are fond of claiming at this time of year, there is no massive conspiracy against Christmas… only a small and rather dedicated one.


Many thanks to Garry, Justin, Gareth, Davide, Mat and especially John, who kindly brought his sax along and kept us together on most songs, not including this glorious shambles:

Including song-sheet downloads, £36 was raised and will be going straight to Medical Aid for Iraqi Children… and I now have some excellent core material for my upcoming submission to the Home Office.

Below the fold: the complete lyrics for three of the more popular songs from the evening.

Bah humbug to one and all.

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