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August 4, 2004

Keith Vaz (Proxy Blog)

Labour MP for Leicester East, former Minister of State, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Proxy blog by: Frances

Launched: August 04, 2004

Format: (standard template)

Comments: Yes
Trackback: No
Syndication: Yes

This website has maintained the top search result in Google and Yahoo for 'keith vaz' for well over 8 months now.

This has a lot to do with it being a comprehensive blog with regular posts. It's well worth reading, and keeps track of the man's movements with a firm but fair hand. The proxy author also set up a dedicated website for the 2005 General Election and now plans to use this as a base for promoting political blogging in Leicester.

Keith Vaz has since responded by setting up camp at and including blog-like features such as sequential entries - but nothing approaching two-way communication.

And with his colourful past, who can blame him? It is not wise to open the floor for questions when everybody is sure to ask the same question.

Message to all MPs with dodgy pasts: If you wish to keep your head down, no-one will blame you for doing so. Stick to writing crappy novels, like this fellow does.

Posted by timireland on August 4, 2004 1:51 PM in the category Blogs: Proxies


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