The Learning & Skills Council harbours paedo-scum

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 16, 2006

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1. Given the headline, I think it’s important that I begin by providing my definition of the term ‘paedo-scum’:

Paedophiles, as well all know, are adults who engage in sexual activity with a child or children. But there are also many in our society who use fear of paedophilia for personal, political and/or financial gain. These people are paedo-scum.

2. If you’re new here, you’ll need some background:

Anne Milton is my local (Conservative) MP. I’m not one of her biggest fans.

Dennis Paul is a supporter of Anne Milton, and a local campaigner seeking a seat in the next council elections. He is endorsed by the Conservative Party and he is (or perhaps was) employed by Sutton Council.

Mike Chambers is a supporter of Anne Milton, and a local campaigner seeking a seat in the next council elections. He also is endorsed by the Conservative Party and he is (or perhaps was) employed by the Learning & Skills Council.

OK, are we all ready? Onward!

Guildford Conservatives - so much to be proud of!

Both Dennis and Mike have been behind a number of petty personal and/or party-political attacks against myself (and others). Some of these attacks have been made publicly (1, 2), and some of them have been made anonymously.

I already gone on the record saying that I have proof that both Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers have misused time and facilities paid for by the taxpayer by engaging in their petty personal and/or party-political attacks from their work computers.

In both cases a formal complaint was made.

In the case of Sutton Council, the matter was finally dealt with 76 days after my initial complaint. (On Nov 7 2005, they responded by assuring me that they had “investigated this matter and taken appropriate action.”)

In the case of the Learning & Skills Council… well, I need to trundle out some evidence first. Please bear with me…

On Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 9:40am this comment was left on the Anne Milton weblog by someone using the Blogger account LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem.

The IP address was used to post this comment. That IP address belongs to the following range:

inetnum: –
netname: LSC-NET
descr: Learning & Skills Council – Corporate Access

Now the Learning & Skills Council employ quite a few people, not just Mike Chambers. It could very well be that there’s someone else who works for the Learning & Skills Council who is also an ardent supporter of Anne Milton that loathes Liberal Democrats with a passion and/or has been part of an ongoing vendetta against a local Lib Dem campaigner by the name of Chris Ward.

Perhaps Mike complained to other staff members about my unfair little weblog in the lunch-room one day and one of them decided to intervene on his behalf… the universe is infinite and nothing is impossible. Me, I’m reckless enough to operate under the following assumption:

LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem = Mike Chambers

You can see here at the weblog controlled under that account a single post that clumsily suggests under comments that the blog (and a wish to legalise all drugs and buy drugs illegally in the meantime) is the work of local Liberal Democrat campaigner Chris Ward.

This is not the only instance of Mike Chambers impersonating Chris Ward.

You’ll also wish to take into account the strapline of the SurreyTories weblog linked above; “Because too much blue is really poo” – and also the conviction clearly held by Mike Chambers and Dennis Paul that I’m part of a massive Liberal Democrat conspiracy against them. Watch and wait for more…

Now any reasonable person could see that the profile name alone is misleading and party-political, but I want you to join me here now as Dennis Paul allows ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’ to make a comment on his site posing (again) as the aforementioned Chris Ward.

Some anonymous comments lay in with further rubbish (here it must be noted that Dennis Paul has a long track record of making fake/anonymous comments on his own website and that he has recently unwittingly admitted to making anonymous comments on my website) but – officially – Dennis Paul simply allows the impersonation to pass.

Now, I mentioned in a recent post that Dennis Paul once deleted an entire post on his weblog because of one ‘inappropriate comment’. I’m about to reveal why he thought it prudent to delete an entire exchange… but hang in there for the detail first.

On Sunday, June 25, 2006 the paedo-scum at News Of The World saw fit to remind us that roaming gangs of paedophiles lurk in our midst. (There is a mirror of the relevant article here and a BBC report on the outcome here.)

The following day (June 26, 2006) at pretty much the same time ‘someone’ was busy battling to keep Anne Milton’s Wikipedia entry clear of any impure thoughts, Dennis Paul put a post on his weblog about it. The cleansed and renewed version of this post (dated July 1, 2006) can be seen here.

The original post, including an all-too-revealing exchange under comments, is archived here at Bloggerheads.

In the comments under this post, you will see two genuine comments from me. You will also see comments by individuals operating with the Blogger profiles Irish_Tim and Jonesy. Dennis Paul responds to ‘Jonesy’ with a comment about “paedophile acts with minors of the same sex which would also be a homosexual act,” but – again – he allows an outright if clumsy impersonation to slide by without so much as a whisper.

We’ll get back to ‘Jonesy’ and “paedophile acts with minors of the same sex” in a moment… first I want to talk to you about ‘Irish_Tim’ – and for that we need to take a small step back in time…

On Tuesday, April 25, 2006 I submitted a formal complaint to the Learning & Skills Council regarding Mike Chambers and his conduct under the profile ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’. I’m guessing that a verbal warning followed.

In May 2006 this weblog by ‘Irish_Tim’ went live, where ‘Irish_Tim’ claimed to be me. He linked to my main websites, and to that of my employer and their clients.

Wait… backtrack… make that my former employer and their clients. Y’see, intelligence is lacking here. I haven’t worked for that company or any of their clients for well over 18 months. But, still, the effort is there and the intention is clear.

This mucky little weblog, which has less-than-subtle xenophobic and homophobic overtones, has published the following since going live:

– Threats that a bunch of Tory MPs are trying to get my permanent residency status withdrawn
– Assertions that I am operating at the behest of the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Guildford (Sue Doughty)
– Anonymous comments supposedly from Sue Doughty thanking me for my support
– A claim that I have been dismissed from employment for “downloading porn and not doing much work really”
– A lovely statement that “my wife, bless her, just doesn’t do it for me these days”
– A further statement that “my son think’s (sic) I’m a bad father”

Also, in comments on Chris Ward’s weblog, ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’ has posed as me a number of times (1, 2, 3), but there’s worse to come…

The weblog is headed “too much kangeroo (sic) is really poo” (see: “too much blue is really poo”)

On this weblog and in the profile, I am classified as a “computer hacker”. Here we quickly zip back to a previous post of mine: Dennis Paul (who clearly does not know the difference between hacking and tracking) is the only person I know of who has made any accusation of hacking associated with myself or this website. Ever.

Here the line blurs between close chums Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers… but the connections between these two and this weblog – and that of ‘Jonesy’ – are remarkably strong.

Aaaand finally we get back to ‘Jonesy’… and what I can say without fear of hyperbole is the lowest political act I have seen at a local level in my entire life.

Prepare yourselves….

On Friday, June 30, 2006 (i.e. very soon after this charming exchange on Dennis Paul’s weblog), Jonesy went live with this post ‘innocently’ airing claims that Liberal Democrat campaigner Chris Ward was a paedophile and then went on to press the matter relentlessly with the help of a number of anonymous comments on the matter.

(Note also in those comments some late-in-the-day negative comments about Mike Chambers, which to me smell like clumsy misdirection.)

I was appalled. Just… dumbstruck, really.

As the post expanded, it went on to feature a photo of Chris Ward, and details about his location. It should be obvious why this is such an irresponsible thing to do. Further, I think it qualifies as a hate crime.

The first thing I did was submit a renewal of my complaint to the Learning & Skills Council with this new information. Far better, one would think, to just see the material removed (and if not, secure evidence that would link an actual person to this crime).

They responded by telling me that “relevant person” was “not available to deal with this at the moment”. Later, I was assured that “the LSC are taking this matter seriously”.

Seriously? By now it was over two months after my initial complaint and it should have been pretty clear to any sensible or responsible person at this stage that this was a matter that should be dealt with pretty fucking urgently!

The main thing to remember here is that there is a lot of circumstantial evidence. In can be stated with some certainty that Mike Chambers is ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’, but we also have the following…

Dennis Paul allowed ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’ to make a comment on his (moderated) site and published it without question or any kind of significant challenge.

Dennis Paul happily chummed it up with ‘Jonesy’ and ‘Irish_Tim’ before deleting the evidence.

‘Jonesy’ links to ‘Irish_Tim’ and ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’ in his blogroll.

‘Irish_Tim’ left a comment with ‘Jonesy’, posing as me and asking; “So what’s wrong with sex at 15 or even younger anyways?”

‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’ merrily contributed to the comments under the paedo-post on the ‘Jonesy’ blog and made another comment requesting a link from that blog.

‘Jonesy’ left a comment on the ‘Irish_Tim’ weblog suggesting that he earnestly believed it was my main website.

Now amongst all of this noise, there are really only two possibilities:

1. That these disgraceful smears are the work of Mike Chambers and/or Dennis Paul – which would prove either or both to be totally unfit for public office.

2. That Mike Chambers and Dennis Paul are the victims of an elaborate set-up that they have been stupid enough to willingly take part in because they were blinded by their hatred of myself and/or Chris Ward – which would prove either or both to be totally unfit for public office.

But – as only Mike Chambers was operating for a time from work blissfully unaware that his HTTP access records might be presented in a court of law – only the Learning & Skills Council can tell us for sure if he is behind any or all of the relevant identities (or maybe even – perhaps – totally eliminate him as a suspect).

Somewhere in this world is a complete and utter lowlife (or team of lowlifes) with an overdue appointment in court. Only the Learning & Skills Council can help to identify the individual(s) involved.

And what have they done about it so far? Sweet bugger all.

So, here we are, back to the headline:

The Learning & Skills Council harbours paedo-scum.

Now I’ve gone public with this information, I’m curious to know what this organisation plans to do about it.


UPDATE (4:50pm) – Do give me a shout if any of the relevant evidence starts disappearing. I have it all saved to disk, so I’m ready and waiting to publish mirrors.

UPDATE (5:20pm) – Wouldn’t you know it? The relevant person at the Learning & Skills Council is away until 21 August. No matter. I’ve sent a link to the ‘if this is urgent’ email address that came with the auto-respond. I’ve also called Conservative Head Office, and since calling them I’ve received yet another visit from (


UPDATE (6:15pm) – An extended visit from (

UPDATE (11:39pm) – Well, how about that, then? It’s past chucking-out time and Dennis is busy publishing comments under this post. Will a response* from Dennis follow?

(*And by that I mean a response other than anonymous/fake comments. There are already a few such comments… including an out-of-the-blue one from a ‘nasty Liberal’ who sooooooo obviously has it in for him and Mike Chambers. It’s painful to watch.)

UPDATE (00:47) – Well, he’s finally made a comment under his own name… just under three comments that he made himself from ‘other people’; I have the records of a rather stunning schoolboy error that proves this saved to disk, but can’t be arsed posting the details right now… suffice it to say that we can now add ‘Labour Lennie’ to his list of sock puppets (which makes this exchange between ‘Labour Lennie’ and ‘Jonesy’ all the more entertaining). Anyway… enough about what ‘other people’ have to say… let’s get to the official comment from Dennis:

“Well if that is real political debate online, it rather sums up why this blog is closing. This is the last blog and time to close, but if the last Liberal is still blogging into vacant cyberspace, could you please switch off the light.”


Painful. To. Watch.

But it had to be done… and the job’s not finished yet.

UPDATE (17 Aug 10:05am) – Y’see, this is the problem with crying wolf:
Who now is actually going to believe that Dennis Paul’s blogger account has been hacked?

UPDATE (17 Aug 1:43pm) – The ‘hacked’ entry has been removed. Good thing I saved a copy.

UPDATE (22 Aug) – There are further updates in subsequent posts and comments (all within the Anne Milton category), but this one needs to go here for ready-reference:

On the 21st of August ‘Jonesy’ deleted the link to his blog from his Blogger profile, possibly to give the impression that Dennis Paul was not aware of the offending weblog when checking this profile following comment submission (which is something any sensible moderator would do). Of course, if he tried this on, Dennis would also have to explain why another persona he invented – Labour Lennieplayed an active role in the offending ‘paedo’ post.

UPDATE (22 Aug 12:06pm) – Proof: Mike Chambers is directly responsible for the ‘paedo’ claims


  1. scotch says

    Tharr she blows indeed. That is truly abhorrent. Hmm, I guess other people could write to LSC couldn’t they?Wasn’t Captain Ahab a bit obsessed though?

  2. Manic says

    I guess other people could if they wanted to…… but I don’t think public outrage is required when something is so obviously outrageous.As for Captain Ahab… well, we all know how that ended.

  3. Jherad says

    Working in the job I do, I'm sometimes on the technical side that has to deal with such complaints. People like Irish_Tim truly believe that they simply press a button, and their comments magically appear somewhere on a blog, or their email magically teleports to the recipient's PC. They have no concept of the network of devices, cables and very real *people* that enable their little message to get where it does.If the network chaps at LSC are worth their salt (which I'm sure they are), then they'd be able to find an answer pretty quickly – I suspect you're probably waiting on HR/PR types now.

  4. Cranky says

    The good thing about this is it means you are getting to them. They feel the need to smear you, you may, from your writings, have more influence than you realize.The bad thing is that it is a really disgusting thing to do – not to mention just a plain creepy and vile. Maybe you should check their backgrounds, seems like there is some psychological projecting going on here. Could be interesting.

  5. Piers says

    It seems now that the “hacked” post on Mr Paul’s blog as been removed. The clever thing to do (since he’s said he’s not posting to it anymore anyway) would be to leave it there, create another “real” username for himself and post a comment saying that the password had been changed. However, obviously he doesn’t really think ahead, does he?

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