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Can Weblogs Identify Mustard Man?

One of a series of Can Weblogs...? experiments from 2002-2004.

To discover the identity of the poor guy in this photo and give him the opportunity to cash in on his online celebrity in any way that he sees fit.

Success! You may as well ignore the rest of this page, because WE FOUND HIM!

No, you don't need to click this image, as you're already at the destination!

How You Can Help
You can help to make this happen by giving your feedback to let Mustard man know that he is universally loved, emailing this URL to friends, putting our WANTED poster on your weblog, and/or linking to this page.

What Do We Know About Mustard Man?
As far as we can ascertain, there was a Meet Jamiroquai contest on muchmusic (the Canadian version of MTV) where people had to send in pictures of their 'funkiest' poses in order to win. Most entries had people posing in 70's gear, but this guy took the wording quite literally, sending in as he did this photo of himself being not only funky, but also yellow, tangy and somewhat pungent. We have no word on whether or not he won, but the query we sent via muchmusic.com received the following reply from the producers of the show:

"Thanks for your interest, unfortunately we are not able to supply any personal information about contest entrants." - Promotions Dept., CHUM Specialty Television

What's the Plan?
In very much the same way as the web community worked together to discover the identity of Tourist Guy, we intend to eventually attract the man himself to this web page. We hope that the outcomes of this encounter will be threefold:

1. Mustard Man will realise that he is loved by all.
2. Mustard Man will get in touch with us (including photographic evidence for authentication).
3. Mustard Man will choose to address his followers and give them the opportunity to pass on the virtual hugs they feel he so richly deserves.

What Are Your Opinions On Mustard Man?
As you can see, it's important that you (the participant in this search) take the time to convey your feelings regarding Mustard Man. To do this, you can send individual messages to us by email, or simply take part in this quick and easy poll:

Click this image for a larger version
Click here or on the image for a larger version.

Mustard Man
What is your reaction to seeing this image of Mustard Man?

Current Results

OK, Done. Now What?
Now all we have to do is make sure that Mustard Man finds his way to this web page. You may not know him, but the friend of a sister-in-law whose cousin reads your blog might. You get the idea.

Email a Link To This Page
Even if you don't have a blog, you can spread the word by emailing a link to this page to your friends and family.

Link To This Page
One of the most powerful things you can do as a weblogger is link to another site. Doing so by either or both methods below lets your audience know about our little experiment.

This first link is your standard 'go and look at this' plug. How and where you do this is completely up to you, but you can cut and paste the following to make it easier if you like:

Use Our Wanted Poster
A nice, eye-catching way to ensure that your blog followers see and understand the importance of our mission. Again, all you have to do is cut and paste the following into your weblog.

All Done?
Good. Now you can go back about your business. You might want to keep an eye on what happens though, so please do drop by again soon to see how we're going. This time, we might just succeed...

UPDATES - The overwhelming majority of feedback regarding Mustard Man has been positive. As we suspected, he does indeed appear to be universally loved. In fact, over 35% of visitors to the page want to hug him, and kiss him and squeeze him and call him 'George'.
- We've received reports that Mustard Man is [name censored] of Orlando, Florida. We await some form of confirmation.
- Several people have insisted that Mustard Man is Ethan Suplee of 'Mallrats' and 'Evolution' fame. It ain't him.
- Ta-dah! We now know exactly who he is and we are just awaiting final confirmation and a few small details. We should be able to go live with this information within a few days. Watch this space.

Success! WE FOUND HIM!

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