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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Owning the zone

Help me choose a secret base!Manic has not only decided to get in on a piece of the action, he has decided to get much closer TO the action.

For this reason, he plans to set up a new base of operations just outside the exclusion zone where the public is banned from saying anything nasty about our Lords and Masters without a permission slip from Mr. Plod!

Manic has no desire to have his collar felt!

(Manic had to chuckle when he watched the notorious Queen-cuddler tut-tut-tut about SOCPA on 18DoughtyStreet the other week, because he knows that this man with his finger on the pulse has never mentioned it before on his blog or attended a protest. Mind you, who would want to spend all afternoon with a bunch of soap-dodging hippies?)

So Manic's challenge to you, his faithful acolytes, is to go forth and find a suitable location overlooking Parliament.

Something close to the river would be nice, then Manic can sit by the shore and scoop up any unwanted turds that float his way.

A map has been provided to help you in this worthy cause.

Comments are open, but sternly moderated.

COMING SOON: Somewhat minimal revelations designed to intimidate individuals rather than inform the public (based on guesswork and gossip fed to Manic by disgruntled work-a-day slobs wishing to stick the knife in).

Manic has spoken. End communication.


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