20 January 2007

This is what homophobia looks like Tim

Tim Ireland's been accusing Guido of homophobia. Let's see what Tim has to say about this from Dizzy:

"Prescott says he can't stand being in the same room as gays?

According to a report in the Evening Standard, John Prescott has recorded interviews for a BBC Radio 4 show called Prescott at you Service about his time in the cruise liner industry. Amazingly in the interview he says
"The thing that struck me most was that when I joined it they didn't sail out the North, they sailed out the South and there were a lot of gay guys on board and I was quite amazed at this.... And I remember saying, spending three months on a voyage and there were ten gay guys in a room and I said 'I'm not staying in a room like this' Anyway I went in another room"
So, southerners are gay, northerners aren't, and he can't stand to be in the same room as gay men (who are southerners too)? Prescott's press people have been reassuring people that he was young, and you have to contextualise his homophobia."

If Guido's homophobic then what does that make Prescott? I've never seen anything like it. I mean actually leaving a room just because some of the people in there are gay?!

Calling a gay person gay is not homophobic, it's stating a fact. Refusing to go near somone because of this fact is about as homophobic as you can get.

Update: Bless him, he's name calling again. Tim isn't a swearblogger. He only throws in expletives when he can't construct an argument without them. Anyone who disagrees with him is a "moron" or "Guido acolyte" or somesuch. Anyone who agrees with him is of course supremely intelligent and is safeguarding the blogging community from themselves.

Of course he's correct to say there's a split on political lines: liberals who think what Guido writes is up to Guido and authoritarians who think Guido has to conform to some imaginary moral code as laid out by Tim.

Thanks for the huge traffic boost Tim! Could you do me a favour and call me a tosser or something tomorrow?

Update 2: I owe Tim a huge thank you. Best ever traffic today. Long may he continue to insult me.


Guido 2.0 said...

1. What Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) did here was unintentionally assume or deliberately infer that being gay makes you a paedophile. This shows he either has distinct homophobic tendencies or, perhaps, that he is willing you use the homophobic tendencies of others to further his agenda (either could also explain the staggering level of homophobia he allows under comments).

2. You said: "Refusing to go near someone because of this fact is about as homophobic as you can get."

Question: How far away do you think that is from repeatedly declaring that you would not or should not allow a homosexual to go near children?

3. If you are a homophobe, identifying someone who is a bigger or more obvious homophobe than yourself only makes you less of a homophobe in a comparative sense.

4. Manic would like his turtle back, please. It is not yours to play with.

Carl said...

Ah - the Evening Standard.

Those guys.

Aren't they the ones who got Oliver "I'm only doing my job" Finegold to sit outside Chris Smith's house and question everyone who "came out" afterwards, including Ken Livingstone who - very understandably - called the twat a concentration guard. Which, considering which bunch of former Hitler supporting toss bags who own the newspaper group, was more amusing than most comments last year. And more spot on...

Everyone knows Prescott's an ignorant secretary-shagging pig. It's not a great surprise how his mid-50s mentality hasn't changed enormously.

Tebbit, on the other hand, has come full circule with his comment in the Lords. Never thought I'd say it, but fair play to him... (go read Hansard like I had to)