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Mustard Man: Revealed!

One of a series of Can Weblogs...? experiments from 2002-2004.

The image you're already familiar with...

We found him!

We found him! We found him! We found him!

If you think that's good news, check this out - Mustard Man's plight is one of carefully woven fiction! That's right! Now you can sleep in your beds at night, secure in the knowledge that, while countless millions slave for minimum wage in the kitchens of McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys, the man you know and love as Mustard Man is not suffering alongside them.

And the name of Mustard Man? His true identity?

His name is Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang, an actor/comedian born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

Nug produced the following photo from the same roll of film as the original to prove his identity. The classic picture you all know and love was taken during the filming of a Canadian sketch-comedy show called 'The Endless Grind', on which he had a part. Nug and another guy were having a food fight of sorts and he copped the mustard. The image here shows Nug relaxing with another comedian who goes by the name of 'Peeps'.

Mike relaxes in a booth with Peeps.

Nug is a member of Second City's Touring Company in Toronto and often appears on the mainstage as well. He and Peeps are also members of The Wrecking Crew, a sketch troupe of some renown in Toronto's world of underground comedy.

You can see Nug perform with The Crew at their 'Slip Into Summer Soiree' on June 21 & 22, 2002 at the Tim Sims Playhouse (inside Second City Toronto, 56 Blue Jay Way). Showtimes are 9:00 (Friday) and 10:30 (Saturday). Tickets are $10.00. Location and ticket info is available at secondcity.com or by phone at 1-800-263-4485.

Followers of Fark will be greatly amused to discover that he also appears in this new film about Curling. See it with someone you love.

Nug is represented by the Diamondfield Agency and can be reached through them for all professional approaches. If you're simply after a fleeting brush with Internet fame or just want to say 'hello', then we're happy to forward all fan mail.

We can confirm that Nug did indeed enter the now infamous Mustard Dude/Guy/Man photograph in a Jamiroquai 'Funky Picture' contest. We can only assume that the photo spread from results posted at Excite.ca and/or muchmusic (who also featured our search for Mustard Man on their little television show). Sadly, he only took second place in the competition, winning a CD and autographed photo of Jamiroquai. Erm, and worldwide fame he can probably do without...

However, despite an understandable reluctance to exploit his identity as 'Mustard Man', Nug was quite touched by our survey results (reprinted in full below):

What is your reaction to seeing this image of Mustard Man?

- I have no opinion (7%)
- I hate him (10%)
- I want to meet his sister (14%)
- I want to help him (16% )
- I want to save him (12%)
- I want to send him money (6%)
- I want to hug him, and kiss him and squeeze him and call him 'George' (35%)

Unfortunately, Nug doesn't have a sister, but he would like to meet a special lady who enjoys Mustard Coladas and getting caught in the rain. Seeing as so many visitors to this site want to hug and kiss him, it's a fair bet that at least one of them is a member of the opposite sex, lives in his area - and might even be open to some bodily contact beyond a hug and a squeeze (fluid transfer is optional). So...


See? He's actually quite hunky when not 'in character'

Showing what a humanitarian he is, Nug only agreed to this on the condition that his mate Peeps (aka Ron Sparks) could get in on the act too, so the rules of this competition are as follows:

If you want to be in with a chance to date Mustard Man (and his mate, Peeps):

- You must be a human being of the female gender
- You must live in or near to Toronto, Canada
- You will need to submit a picture of yourself and your larger, less attractive friend doing something creative with mustard to this email address (JPEGs only, please)
- Finally, you should probably tell us - in 50 words or less - why you would want to date a starving artist and drag your friend along with you

If Nug has trouble deciding, we may well put the pictures of the front-runners on this site so his fans can decide, so please be aware that any submitted images may be published - especially the dirty ones.

The double date will be held at a restaurant not entirely dissimilar to the one in which he appeared as Mustard Man. What you order off the menu is up to you. After all, you'll probably be paying.

We found him! We found him! We found him!

Heh. You gotta love the Internet.

UPDATE - Mustard man failed to find true love as a result of this exercise. Actually - to be brutally honest - we failed to find it for him. But that won't stop us trying, dammit!

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