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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The man hears what he wants to hear (and disregards the rest)

Oh dear.


Oh dear, oh dear.

(frets again)

Manic is worried about 'Guido'; the poor chap went all quiet after Friday, even though he posted over the weekend (a rare thing) and busied himself on Monday.

It wasn't until Tuesday night that 'Guido' suddenly decided that he was back in the game.

Manic can't wait to tell you about that... but first, some background:

Thursday: A 'Guido' reader comments on the 'Blog Brother 2' report: "When Guido stops publishing these we'll know he's fucked"

Friday: Guido publishes Blog Brother 3... then stops after this response

Saturday: Nothing happens

Sunday: Nothing happens

Monday: Nothing happens... apart from 'Guido' referring to Manic under comments as: "he who we do not link to"

Tuesday (evening): 'Guido' suddenly publishes Blog Brother 6, declaring "Gotcha!" (and showing a poor grasp of primary school level mathematics in the process)

What a shame for 'Guido' that the gotcha he clamped onto barely struggles past the letter 'G'.

Manic wishes to cast light on the full significance of this new development by inviting you to an imaginary boxing match:

Manic clocks 'Guido', who then retreats to his corner and begins punching himself in the face (as his faithful team gather around and declare that he is obviously winning). Eventually, the self-inflicted beating takes it toll, and 'Guido' pauses to regain his breath and spit blood into a nearby bucket. Suddenly... a lifeline! A member of the crowd passes him a weapon! A steely determination grips 'Guido' as he suddenly springs from his corner and throws... a soggy tissue.
What appears below is a screengrab of the comment that Manic left with 'Guido' last night (before it was swiftly deleted, natch). He leaves you to enjoy this as he departs to go outside and play in the snow.

(PS - Manic apologises for slipping out of 'third person' now and again. In fact, he wonders how Paul Staines keeps it up without surrendering completely to the character he has invented.)

Manic has spoken. End communication.


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