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Monday, February 05, 2007


Iain Dale: I was brought up in a very rural area in North Essex and never imagined I would spend much of my working life in London. I come from a long line of farmers and it was expected that I too would become a farmer. Visiting some close family near Barnstaple last night it was good to see my cousin Richard again. We worked out that it had been seven years. He hadn't changed at all, yet he had been told this week that after 27 years of working on the same farm he was being made redundant. The farmer was in tears when he broke the news. He said he just couldn't face carrying on due to all the regulations he had to comply with. So yet another farming family is getting out.

Could this sudden and unexpected renewal of interest in family and farmers have anything to do Iain Dale being on the selection list for the uber-rural seat of East Hampshire?

Well, one might be able to find out if Iain Dale were capable of giving a straight answer for once in his life!
Anonymous said...
When is that rural East Hampshire selection coming up again, Iain?
11:38 AM

Iain Dale said...
Anonymous 11.38 - nice try. But I'm in Devon, not East Hampshire, as you might know if you had read the first line!
11:43 AM
Notice how deftly Iain dodges this question while mocking the interrogator for their 'stupidity'.

Manic doubts he will ever change... same old Tory, same old story.

Manic has spoken. End communication.


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