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Friday, March 23, 2007

'Guido' is busy outwitting the half-wit again

'Guido Fawkes' - MiliBlogger Breaks the Rules: When Miliband started his ministerial blog he got a lot of criticism that it was party politics at the taxpayers expense, he promised that "because this is a Government site I won't lapse into party ranting". It would be a breach of the Civil Service Code if he did. So why today is he defending the Labour party against allegations of a history of animosity to the countryside and invoking Bevin in defence of his party on the taxpayer funded blog? That is a clear breach of the non-partisan rules and his own promises.

'Guido Fawkes' - Guido 2, Miliblogger 0: Miliband has just deleted the blog post where he broke the civil service rules and used his ministerial office to further party political goals. Given he gets his civil servants to deal with his blog, taxpayers were harmed in the making of this, he should refund the cost out of Labour party funds.

Manic loves it when 'Guido' lays into Miliband and his taxpayer-funded 'weblog' for two reasons:

1. Paul Staines is a bigger blog-cheat and control-freak than Miliband could ever hope to be.

2. Paul Staines is a self-confessed tax-dodger.

Manic has spoken. End communication.

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