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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

'Guido' swings to the left

Manic is not sure, but he thinks that the crappy blurry thing under the title is the Houses of Parliament.

Manic has spoken. End communication.

UPDATE - Tch. All Staines has to say for himself for a totally shit* design is: Consider the blog to be in Beta version...

Funny... that's just what Paul said when he equated homosexuality with paedophilia. Perhaps he's laying ground for a pending lawsuit over all the "Gordon Brown is [censored]" claims he's been publishing.

[*Dark blue text and dark purple text over a dark background? What the fuck were they thinking? Is this a 'smoked glass and black velvet' hangover from Paul's blacklight/blackshirt glory days, or what?]

Manic has spoken again. End communication again.



Sad Northern Lefty said...

Worse than that crap logo is the idea of having blue text on a dark blue background, as used in Paul's link archive. God know's what they teach on these fancy "Interactive Media" courses, but accessibility isn't one of them.

5:46 PM, March 27, 2007  
Yog Brother said...

Hmmm, the electric blue links on the dark blue background are gorgeous. No doubt they'll do wonders for his page impressions.

You would have thought he could have used the money saved by not suing us to pay a web designer. Instead it looks like he asked his 12 year-old nephew to do it.

6:00 PM, March 27, 2007  
Anonymous said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:58 PM, March 27, 2007  
Guido 2.0 said...

Sorry, Mr Anonymous.... Paul Staines' sock-puppets are banned from Guido 2.0 until Staines introduces the 'time and date' timestamps he promised weeks ago. Even then, random deletions may occur for no other reason than to piss you off.

10:12 PM, March 27, 2007  
Anonymous said...

I'm not Staines sock puppet. I don't know the bloke or think he's cool, I just happened upon his site, then your site and I've never known such a total waste of time. I mean how long did it take to set all this up? and then to administer it and then watch and report on his every move? Fucking hell man - set yourself free.

8:40 PM, March 28, 2007  
Guido 2.0 said...

(waits for random deletion)

Oooooh... lucky this time!

It didn't take any time at all to set up... and Guido's bullies write most of the content themselves.

As for the main website, you may want to dig a little* deeper. 'Guido' is only the latest in a long line of lost causes.

(*After all, you spent less than 7 minutes poking around.)


8:51 PM, March 28, 2007  

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