In April 2004, the Conservatives came onto the grand and glorious Interweb with Let Down By Labour, asking us to build creative assets highlighting the failure(s) of the Labour Party. Not really a smart idea, considering their own track record. Click here if you wish to link to this.


The UK Today

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Click here to own 'I See Red' and equally nifty music.


The show moves a bit fast for screengrabs, so instead of relying purely on the usual 'copy & paste' link code (below), we've also created a selection of buttons and graphics for use on your website or weblog. If you use any of these graphics, please do host them on your own server.

The URL to use is:

Tony Blair Banner
Labour Button 01  Labour Button 02  Labour Button 03
Tony Blair Grab   Michael Howard Grab
Charles Kennedy Grab


Art, concept & copy © 2004.
This is not a submission. This is a reaction.
The Conservative Party do not have permission to use any of these original assets or slogans in any shape or form.