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August 30, 2005

Black Dog lacks clue

Mail on Sunday - 28 August 2005I spotted this in the Mail on Sunday this weekend. The author of Black Dog appears to be the victim of ignorance or wishful thinking.

Not that one expects to see accuracy in political gossip columns - or the Mail, for that matter -but this assumption does lead us to an interesting point.

Let's start with the facts and some reasonable conclusions anyone with half a brain could form upon discovering them...

1. The GidleyWatch blog came before the Romsey Redhead blog.

2. It is written by constituents who showed (*gasp*) an interest in communicating with their MP and managed to convince Sandra to begin a weblog of her own.

3. Knowing this (and it would only take a close look at either blog or a search in Google to find out), it should be clear that the weblog is not written by rivals.

4. Or lackeys, for that matter. But there are some people who are actually convinced that GidleyWatch is written by Lib-Dem activists.

This is part of the curious 'Us and Them' mentality shared by some journalists and many, many party bods (including supporters of Anne Milton such as Dennis Paul).

The latter group simply cannot accept that anybody who disagrees with their views can form the offending viewpoint independently. They would rather believe (or have others believe) that the viewpoint is fed to them or forced upon them by a political body.

Yes, sometimes this happens. But usually it pays to keep your mouth shut until you have proof.

To immediately and/or repeatedly leap onto the idea that anybody who speaks their mind is a party activist is completely wrong-headed and shows a startling level of arrogance.

Aren't ordinary members of the public capable of forming opinions? Isn't voicing or acting on these opinions the right of every citizen?

No, I'm afraid not. To hold any opinion or take any action you first must be part of the official fellowship.

Then, of course, those opinions or actions can easily be dismissed as part of a party-political campaign. (See, as an example, the only defence offered by Anne Milton regarding racist pamphlets in Guildford.)

You see how it works? You need to be part of the club before they can beat you with it.

Posted by timireland on August 30, 2005 11:14 AM in the category Fighting Ignorance


I really hope you didn't BUY the Mail on Sunday Manic?

Posted by: bigdaddymerk at August 30, 2005 10:39 PM

Heavens, no. My local pub has a fine selection of right-wing tabloids to choose from. In fact, I'm considering donating my copy of the Independent to the pile on a regular basis, just to see what happens. (5 squid says it's first to end up under the dog's water bowl.)

Posted by: Manic at August 31, 2005 8:59 AM

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