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Monday, March 14, 2005 

Anne Milton: why this weblog exists

Anne Milton first came to my attention in the latter half of 2004, when posters and pamphlets first appeared giving me the following details about her qualifications...

Anne Milton: Nurse. Mother.

... and that's it. I remember being distinctly underwhelmed, but didn't see the point in making a big deal about it. (Nature abhors a vacuum - and I'm less than tolerant myself - but at this stage I was trying to set a good example for proxy-bloggers... so much so that I'd even eased up on Tim Yeo).

I later heard that subsequent pamphlets had gone one step further by revealing Anne's star-sign. I had a quiet chortle at that, but - again - let it go.

However... when someone from an 'independent survey company' called my home on behalf of Anne Milton and got uppity when I wanted to ask a few questions, I was a little bit peeved. When I emailed Anne Milton about it and she promised to 'investigate' but failed to mention (or perhaps 'discover') that this call came from a Tory party call-centre, I was well-and-truly miffed.

So, here I am with a brand new weblog. Its title:

Anne Milton: Nurse. Mother. Dipstick.

The plan is to focus a microscope on Anne Milton's campaign in an effort to find something - anything - of substance.

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Hi Tim

I have no concrete evidence, but I was the recipient of a similar call (I live in Waverley, next door) from an "independent" research company which was asking some very strange questions about the performance of the Lib Dems over a local planning f*ck up (East Street in Farnham). I reported it too, but have heard nothing.


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Are either of you registered on TPS? If yes you might be interested in:


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