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Thursday, March 17, 2005 

Up-joined thinking it was, hrmmm....?

And now, an important message from Anne Milton, Yoda and the Conservative Party:


This wonderful photo (you can see more here) was taken when Anne Milton hit the streets to ask Guildford's commuters what they think of the rail service:

So... what do trains I think?

Privatisation be the problem making, I think. Problem be Conservatives caused by, I think also.

Words be spoke by Tim Yeo the former Shadow for Transport Minister being: "Railway privatisation, of which I have long been an enthusiastic supporter, is the first and long overdue step towards rebuilding a golden age of rail.."

But turning out that way they not turn out to be, yes?

Things be turning out as a pear all shaped.

So... what do trains I think?

I think shutting up Anne Milton should be.

What do trains you think?

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Railways been re-nationalised. What point making you are?

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nts: Because all the problems associated with privatisation went away when the railways were "renationalised", didn't they?

Tim: Genius post, mate.

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nts: would love to see your definition of "nationalised" if you truly believe the railways have been re-nationalised.

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So Anne Milton thinks railways have got worse since privaisation, that hospitals aren't as clean as they used to be since cleaning was put out to tender, and that the link between pensions and earnings should be reinstated.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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remember the Anthony Bays electoral fraud case in Guildford in 2003 ? Scrurrilous rumour had it that Bays and Dipstick were connected - she brought him over from Lambeth. How scurrilous was this rumour, and is it still going round ?

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