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Wednesday, April 20, 2005 


I'm in a bit of a hurry this morning, so I'll have to provide details later.

Some important things about last night's public meeting in Guidlford:

I was rude and I was wrong. Oh, and Anne Milton lied. Again.

The people in charge of the meeting clearly tried to keep Iraq off the agenda and then lied about it (they claimed that no-one submitted a question on it, but at least 6 people expressed surprise at this, claiming that they had). That's the bit where I was forced to break with protocol and insist that candidate's views be heard. It was rude, but I was at a public meeting and many others shared my wish to hear those views.

Now, to Milton's answer:

In much the same way that Anne Milton claims to be against a Guildford incinerator (which was a Tory initiative) she now claims that she was angry about the Iraq war and against it all along. I was forced to interject again. I did so, and pointed out that her party backed it 100%. That's the bit where I was wrong. It's more like 99%, but I'll get to that in a moment...

Anne claimed that there were 'many' Conservative MPs who voted against the war, and that simply isn't true. She included as an example Humfrey Malins, the former MP for Woking. Also not true.

Like 39 other Conservative MPs, Humfrey Malins voted 'yes' in Division 117 (where MPs voted for or against an amendment saying that the case for war was not yet proven). But - like many of the 'rebel' Tory MPs - on the crucial vote in Division 118 (where they were asked to approve a motion enabling the UK to take 'all means necessary' to disarm Saddam of the WMDs that didn't exist) he abstained.

I can only find 2 Conservative MPs who voted 'no' on Division 118; Douglas Hogg and John Randall.

Compare this with 52 Lib-Dems who voted ‘no’ and 85 Labour MPs who voted 'no'.

Anne Milton is a woman who will jump on any popular cause in order to further her own. Her claim that she was against the war all along cannot be taken at face value.


I entirely agree that she'll jump on any bandwagon going in order to further her own cause. I too was there last night (19 April) and I thought she was looking distinctly haggard. They say that lying is much more stressful than is telling the truth, as the liar always has to remember what he/she last said to whom; if so, that could be the explanation.

Dora and Dennis Paul weren't looking at their best last night, either. But the Lib Dems whom I spotted in the audience seemed distinctly cheery, and I thought Sue Doughty gave by far the best of the speeches. Dipstick's was more of a rant - the stress is clearly telling.

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Interesting to read this. Not only will she jump on any band wagon and also regularly distorts the truth or accepts credit of her predecesor, but she also gets her facts very wrong at times. I have to say I find her abhorrently useless as an MP

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