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Thursday, April 14, 2005 

It gets uglier every day

Following the publication of a scan of the April pamphlet on this weblog, comments by StevieP have led us to yet another Dipstick Ringer.

Here's Dora saying; "Bright, spirited and intelligent, Anne's a winner."

I'll get on to who Dora is in a moment. First I'd like to remind you of Dennis Paul stirring up fear of foreigners and draw your attention to a comment on this post from shalfordian: This is beginning to get SERIOUS (and I don't use upper case lightly.) Last night (12 April) at the Amnesty public meeting with all five Guildford candidates, the subject of racism in local leaflets came up and Dipstick claimed not to know anything about it - until Sue slapped one in front of her (Dennis Paul's) saying "But it's got your face all over it" No response from Dipstick, who rather looked as if she wished the earth would swallow her.

There's more, but I'll get on to Anne's status as nurse, ex-nurse or non-nurse at a later date. What I want to focus on right now is how close Anne Milton is to Dennis Paul. If she wishes to put some distance between herself and Dennis (and/or his grubby little leaflets), she has one major problem... and that's Dora the Supporter.

Dora is Dennis Paul's wife.

You can check this out for yourself in the March pamphlet (PDF). I've included a partial scan of relevant page below:

Or you can see it with your own eyes via Dennis Paul's own website where you will find this (very large) portrait of his family (I've included an enhanced version below).

So there you have it folks. Anne Milton and Dennis Paul. Thick as thieves.

(Cheers to StevieP and shalfordian for their input.)

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You can justifiably claim "you read it here first, folks"! Today's Surrey Advertiser (Guildford edition, 15 April)runs the story as its lead front page item under the headline "Row erupts over Tories' appalling poll leaflet", and it's all about Dennis Paul's leaflet and its racism. Sue Doughty and Karen Landles are both quoted in attacking it, and Dipstick's response is highly defensive.She also admits to spending much of her working life on housing issues, which doesn't fit in with "25 years a nurse", unless she is MUCH older than she says !

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Ha! I got in touch with the Surrey Ad yesterday about the site, but didn't know that they were already developing this story (based largely on the events stemming from that Amensty meeting on the 12th that shalfordian commented on).

I've written them a letter. In defending herself, Milton has come out with a barefaced lie. She claims that "the only complaint we have had about it has come from the Liberal Democrats":


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