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Friday, April 15, 2005 

Liar, liar, pants on fire

Surrey Advertiser - Row erupts over Tories' 'appalling' poll leaflet (15 April 2005): A Conservative campaign leaflet claiming that asylum seekers get preferential treatment for housing has been branded as disgraceful and appalling.

(I'd like to give a quick hat-tip to lambethlad before saying...)

You read it here first, folks:

Meet Dennis Paul (22nd March 2005)
It gets uglier every day (14th April 2005)

Now, let's see if we can't further inform the friendly folks at the Surrey Ad ...

To: Editor, Surrey Advertiser
From: Tim Ireland

When confronted over Dennis Paul's wretched little document, Anne Milton claimed that; "We had no intention of offending anyone by our leaflet and indeed the only complaint we have had about it has come from the Liberal Democrats."

If a document is designed to misinform and no-one complains about it, all this proves is that the document is doing precisely what it was designed to do. This is no defence.

It's also a barefaced lie. I'm not a Liberal Democrat, and I complained about it.

I published it in full on my website on the 22nd of March and expressed my concerns in detail. I have since emailed Anne Milton about the website and talked to her personally by phone. There is no way that she could be unaware of my complaint.

It also needs to be noted that if Anne Milton does wish to distance herself from Dennis Paul, she will need to produce a new pamphlet to replace the one released this month. The cheery young lass on the back page proclaiming Anne to be "bright, spirited and intelligent" is Dennis Paul's wife, Dora.

Still, there's more where she came from. Dora is only one of many Tory ringers brought in to convince us that Anne Milton is the 'Talk Of The Town'.

Tim Ireland


You may be interested in this:

'At Guildford Council last night, Angela [Labour member] asked the Conservative Lead Member for Housing, Andrew French, what was the Council's practice on housing for asylum seekers.
He replied that no housing was offered anyone until they had been granted official leave to stay in the UK.
After that, they were treated the same as anyone else seeking housing in Guildford, with the same system.'

It seems that the Conservative member is backing up Dennis Paul's lies - closing ranks if you will.

The email then goes on:

And as last year I was told another asylum myth, I have an official leter from Guildford's director of Housing and Health Services saying
"I can confirm that no Council or housing association properties are reserved for asylum seekers or other particular groups"
"The only exception to this is schemes which have been developed with Government funds for the specific purpose of housing key workers such as the police, teachers and hospital nursing staff"'

Shock-horror, the council's official, written confirmation goes counter to what is in Dennis Paul's leaflet, and counter to what the Conservative member for housing said at a very recent meeting.

- | -

Curiouser and curiouser - if one follows through the weblinks from Dennis Paul's own site, it turns out that his wife Dora is in fact first-generation Hungarian and runs her own (perfectly reputable) au pair placement agency for East Europeans and others. So Dora would have arrived in the UK as an 'alien' or quasi-refugee some time in the 1990s (since last year Hungary is of course part of the EU and their nationals can come here freely, but in the 1990s it could be tricky from the UK side. In the 1980s it was even worse as the Communists imposed obstacles too.)

Strikes me that Dennis Paul does not practice what he preaches. Hypocrite is about the best of the words that comes to mind.

Anyone seen MR Milton recently - or at all ?

- | -

After reading about the Tories misrepresenting the MRSA figures in other constituencies I thought I would check out the ‘134 cases in your area’ claim mentioned in the Tory ad in the Surrey Advertiser.  Actually there were only 24 cases at the Royal Surrey with the majority of the quoted 134 cases coming from St Georges, Tooting (73 cases). Full details here.  I know our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate comes from Reigate not Guildford, but Tooting isn’t even in Surrey.

The ‘5,000 deaths’ a year under Mr Blair banner headline is even more of a distortion, the figure comes from a National Audit Office 2000 report and is based on U.S. figures from the mid-80’s when Mr Howard not Mr Blair was in government.

I would complain to the ASA, but of course political advertising is exempt from the rules everyone else has to follow.

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Paul's comments raise a very, very interesting issue regarding Dennis Paul's leaflet - in fact so interesting that it proves conclusively that either Dennis Paul or Andrew French lying.

Legally, an asylum seeker and a refugee are two different things.

An asylum seeker is someone who asks leave to stay citing fear of persecution or threat to life but, and this is critical, has not yet been granted leave to stay.

As such their rights are quite limited under the 1951 convention.

A refugee is someone who, having asked for asylum, has been granted leave to stay, has full rights under the 1951 convention and also has the right to seek gainful employment and make their way in the world by their own endeavour.

Andrew French, from Paul's comments, has stated that Guildford Council only provides housing to those who have been granted leave to stay (refugees)...

... ergo there can be no asylum seekers being housed in Guildford as under that policy they would be ineligible for housing.

Have fun with that.

- | -

Q: Bonjour Anne. Où à vous habitez ?

A: J'habite dans Guildford, en John Russell Close.

Q: J'ai pensé que vous avez habité dans Reigate.

A: En fait je vraiment. J'ai acheté un petit appartement dans Guildford ainsi j'ai eu une adresse locale pour l'élection.

- | -

Many people say, home is where the heart is and I truly believe that blogs are where the fart is. Oi Tim, who do you think you are? "Oooooh Anne Milton is a liar" well let me tell you she is nothing to Sue Doughty and her smirking team of lib dems who consistently are defacing posters belonging to conservative party supporters.
I don't often take much notice of blogs because I think they are the weak way of getting back at people but I noticed this rather distasteful blog as I was looking at the conservative sight. How much contact have you actually had with Anne Tim? How much can you honestly say you know about her? Have you met her Tim? Well have you? It doesn’t appear so from what your blog says! Have you asked her anything other than trying to attack her? Apparently not! And by the way did you notice sue doughty's pathetic little whiny attempt to make Anne seem bad - well did you? It said that she was a bad candidate because she was not born in the area she is campaigning for. Well let me tell you - she was born closer to this area than Sue Doughty whose origin is Yorkshire. It seems to me the lib dems can only try to insult and play dirty because they have no good policies and know there is no contest really between Sue and Anne. When the 3 candidates got together and made speeches do you know who didn't clap courteously for the other candidates - Sue Doughty. Tim, you say you aren't biased towards the lib dems, it appears you are otherwise you wouldn't be trying to pick the kindest and most inspiring Guildford Candidate there has ever been. Do you know what Anne has been advocating recently Tim? She said that she doesn't care whom you vote for but just vote because if you don't vote then that is a wasted vote. Anne wants to make a difference; she cares about the people she really cares about them! Do you care about people Tim? Do you really? Because it doesn't seem like you really do. Do you not feel scared that you are more likely to die of MRSA than you are to die on the roads of Britain, do you really care about that? You could be absentmindedly crossing a road with that acid filled, big head of yours and get hit by a car, it isn't fatal and you are taken to hospital, and then you get MRSA and you die Tim, you die! Or maybe someone close to you dies of MRSA then you'd care wouldn't you, don't be a hypocrite and lie because you would care! Anne has seen this and been disgusted by it, she wants it to stop. Could you have seen what she did and not want to make a difference? Now onto the Dennis Paul item...Tim, Tim, Tim! You obviously haven't even read the source you are complaining about...are you related to Sue Doughty Tim? Is that why you whine so much? In the newsletter it said I quote "Conservatives will offer refuge to people genuinely fleeing persecution and torture, but like you we see the government has: " etc. when I see conservative i think 'conservative' when I see government, i think LABOUR! So obviously you either have no idea who is in power or you just haven’t done your research... tut tut Tim, what can I say! It appears to me that you are arguing that the Conservatives want uncontrolled immigration which is not true as Dennis Paul has actually said that controlled immigration would be implemented under a conservative government.
Moving on to the "it gets uglier every day" what a rubbish title. I quote what you wrote: "Now, some unkind things have been said about Anne Milton and her propensity to eat small children, but I previously dismissed such claims as facetious nonsense. However, it now appears that Anne has only been able to dig up *one* local citizen willing to bring their child within reach of her mighty jaws. Smoke and fire, people... smoke and fire."
What do you mean by *one* Tim? I live in the area she is campaigning for and so do you and again you haven't done your homework - what were you like at school Tim? I know more than one child who has been brought to meetings with parents and have enjoyed talking to Anne about issues that concern them. I went to one particular meeting where Anne was disgusted by the Council who used a poisonous weed killer on Onslow Arboretum which could potentially be very dangerous if a child fell over on a patch of grass that had been sprayed by the weed killer and without realising it conveyed the weed killer to their mouth during the course of the day. The child could potentially have died Tim or caught MRSA. And anyway does it matter that Anne did not have many children on the poster. Children can’t vote Tim or perhaps you weren't aware of that policy either! Tim maybe you should think before you open that gob of yours!

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hey paul, are you racist? why should asylum seekers who have been granted official leave to stay in the UK not get the same rights to housing as us?
They have been granted the leave after all!

- | -

anon: Tch. And they say *I* have anger management issues. Yes, I've met Anne.

Thanks for your input, and for wishing me and my children well.

- | -

no problem maybe you should give her a chance, i have met her too and find her a genuinely kind person who cares about the people.
sorry for the comments but you really attacked her on points which, to be honest she doesnt deserve to be attacked on!
My family all find Anne Milton very pleasant.
Well you do have anger management issues and i dont tend to say anything but this time i feel you have been very unfair. most of her policies are very good and i think her attitude is better than Sue Doughty's to be honest.
i take it you won't be voting conservative tomorrow.
best wishes - this time i really mean it (i saw my councillor yesterday :) )

- | -

by the way, watch the weedkiller on onslow arboretum if they ride their bokes there. there, you see i'm looking out for your kids satisfied?

- | -


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