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Thursday, April 21, 2005 

Milton finds "lack of faith" disturbing

Anne MiltonToday, captured Imperial officer Anne Milton claimed to be a long-time supporter of the Rebellion.

"I was angry and upset about the destruction of Alderaan from the very beginning," protested Milton, "It is a tragedy that must never be repeated."

The long-time servant of the Empire also claimed to have deliberately engineered the fleet's appearance out of Hyperspace close enough to the Hoth system for the Rebels to be alerted to their presence.

Milton is "confident" that she will be cleared of any wrong-doing, and hopes to run against Mon Mothma for the supreme leadership of the Rebel Alliance as soon as her trial is over.

File photo: Anne Milton at a recent promotion ceremony (from an intercepted Imperial transmission)


I do wonder...

Is that Howard Flight in the background?

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StevieP said...

I think we might have got Ms Milton wrong. I see that the address on her nomination form is XXXXXXXXX. It can't be easy being a mother with three children under 18 living in a flat. She's a nurse you know.


Sorry, StevieP - but I can't allow that address to go out on this website. But I do take your point. Little Ms Local Action rents a Bare Minimum flat in the area and poses as the Ultimate Local.

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Hmmm ...is this the same Anne Milton (nee Turner)I shared a flat with when she was a nurse at Saint Barts Hospital??

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Interesting to hear more about Softsand's experiences while flat-sharing with Anne Turner - Tony Blair's whilst flat-sharing with Lord Falconer could be equally revealing.

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Is this the same Ann Milton that shared a flat with Janet and two guys......while she was a nurse at Saint Barts.....oh the tales to tell......

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You might not allow the address on this website, but its on the council's website and more importantly it will be printed on every ballot paper. The rules say it must be your 'current home address' so Anne must of moved from Reigate.

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StevieP: It's mostly context that makes me reluctant to put her address on this website. It takes us a little too close to this kind of thing. BTW, Anne's Reigate->Guildford move is already covered by Sue Doughty's latest literature, so I think banging on about it here is surplus to requirements. That, and the "He/she's not local!" gambit has been played out so many times that it bores me to tears.

softsand: If you can show me anything that disproves Anne's '25 years a nurse in the NHS' claim, I'm very interested, and you can feel free to comment on that. But if it involves sordid flatsharing gossip etc, then please email me directly. Masturbation should be a private thing.


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What exactly is her address isn't the issue. The only reason I posted it was the number ends in an A, so is unlikely to be the home of a doctor's family with four children. Up until now she had only said she had bought a house in Guildford, now she's claiming it's her current home address.
It is another example of her stretching the truth to further her campaign. I thought highlighing such issues was what this weblog was about.

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You're absolutely right, but it can be done without the address.


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Ah, she "lives" on my road actually.

To this day I have never seen her in the area of which I live.

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Sorry to keep on about this, but if the address on the nomination form is not really her current home address the issue is far more serious than her not being local, she's broken the law. Here's an example of the police investigating a case in Oldham.

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Oh softsand, DO tell all - what did Janet and the two guys get up to with Anne ? I know Tim is reluctant to allow any mention of "masturbation", but it doesn't sound as if this was their thing at all. More of a foursome, really.

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lambethlad: What I meant by my comment was that I'd want to enjoy such revelations in private. I'm sure you can work out (1) the rest and (2) that I was kidding for yourself


StevieP: As I've said before, *definitely* worth looking into.

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