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Friday, April 01, 2005 

Now, now....

Guido's got a point here; there is more than a passing resemblance... but 'hate' site?

In the comments, new blogger Patsy seems to agree and says that this puts to bed the notion that Lib Dems are "nice" people. The only problem with this assertion is that I'm a *very* nice person. And not a Lib-Dem.

Now... Anne... this is twice now that you've promised to get back to me about issues I've raised about your campaign and failed to do so. I may not hate you, but I'm developing a growing dislike for your attitude...


Do "nice" people behave like you?

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Nice people don't try and incite racism. Tim is merely exposing parts of the Conservative Party that disagree with the ethos their head office are trying to perpetuate. You seem to have quite a problem with this.

I smell a Tory...

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Does Ms Milton disagree with the ethos the Conservative's are trying to perpetuate? I have no idea, this site doesn't seem to tell me either. I don't have a problem at all - but wonder if you do.........

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I'm a bit bemused about where Patsy's own problem lies - this site takes a clear "healthily sceptical" stance about Conservative tactics in general and in Guildford in particular, which is all part of local democracy. The site is neither 'nice' nor 'nasty' as such, though we all know who the Nasty Party is !

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All this site seems to do is to ask questions about Ms Milton's campaign and add a bit of humour.

Seems reasonable to me.

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One of the nice things about democracy and the freedom of expression is that it exposes intellectual deficiency ... with no doubt that you obviously know your position in life!

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